Zahara Update September 2016

Zahara Update

Zahara 2.0 Update - The Times They are a Changing.

As mentioned in previous blog posts the development team have been hard at work, creating a brand new update for Zahara. They have added some brand new features to Zahara, which we have wanted to add for a while. We have finally added Conditional Workflow, a feature we are really excited about read more about it here. We have also added new U.S Localisation features read about them here.

New Features In Septembers Release

  • New Conditional Workflow start.
  • Dates – Choose your date format (Business Settings).
  • Invoices – New editable.
  • Report a bug added to help menu.
  • Reporting spreadsheet – Now a download link (better for larger files).
  • Looking towards the future - Up and Coming Updates

    Currently we are just focussing on refinements for the next couple of weeks, making the user experience for Zahara as best as it can be. However, we are working on something very special which will be a game changer for some Zahara users. But it's all top secret in the development lab, nobody is allowed to know just yet. However, I will let you know as soon as I can. Ring up and ask us directly maybe somebody in the office might let it slip.

    For the full Zahara release notes click here. If you have any other questions about Zahara get in contact. We would be more than happy to help.


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