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Why we go the extra mile
Zahara was designed in 2015 with a simple vision – Create user-friendly software to simplify time-consuming and overly complicated financial processes.
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Our cloud-based software is focused on giving organisations complete visibility of expected costs and enables better spend control. Our software helps get those month end figures produced faster with much less effort.

We’ve found that many organisations don’t have an efficient way to get spend approved – whether before or after an invoice arrives. Zahara is the solution to that problem. Easy to use and fast to deploy, it seamlessly integrates into current systems, creating joined up solutions around a central platform, with built-in OCR invoice recognition and customisable document management options. Approvals for both spend requests and vendor invoices can be created engaging the right people to take decisive action.

What sets Zahara apart in this field is our flexible, can-do approach. Our experts will take the time to learn about your current set-up and listen closely to your requirements. We think of Zahara as a community, and we aim to be the very best in our field, working closely with our growing global user base to exceed their expectations.

We are based in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, in the UK with our development teams in Krakow, Poland and Hyderabad, India. We also have an office in Brisbane, Australia and Virginia, US. But Zahara isn’t really about us, it’s about you and how our team can help improve your business to work smarter.

Please get in touch to book a demo or take a trial of Zahara. We would be very pleased to hear from you.


Purchase Requisition

Spend requests can be put into approvals workflows that then generate and send purchase orders.

Invoice Processing

Invoices can be received, read and routed our for approval so vendors can be paid on time with less effort


Analysing spend helps reveal wastage and improve bottom line. Zahara shows you who’s spending your money

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This is the essence of Zahara - controlling spend through purchase requests.

Perhaps the UK government could benefit from using Zahara to control costs?

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