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Zahara helps organisations pay their bills more easily and control costs through the use of multi-step approval workflows and real-time visibility of all spending.

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Take Back Control of Your Spending
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You can access Zahara anywhere, no matter the device. All you need is an internet connection and Zahara will update in real-time. Instead of limiting your team with on-premise tech, you can monitor spend from home or on site.
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Reduce delays and promote faster decision making with multi-step approval workflows. Substitute the traditional paper and spreadsheet tracking methods for convenient email or mobile-app approvals
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Know your costs before you commit to spending. Zahara lets you set strict budgets for particular departments and use multi-step approval workflows to decline, amend, or approve purchase orders.
Rapid OCR
Pay your invoices 9 times faster, with less effort on your part. Zahara’s in-built OCR can accurately read your invoices for you, down to the line item. Unleash the full potential of your time and resources with Zahara's seamless invoice management.
Spend budgets
Real-time visibility helps you monitor and control your spending. Zahara's advanced reporting and analysis shows you who's buying what, when, and from who. With a complete audit trail and GRNs, you never have to wonder which step is holding up the process.
international payments
Zahara enables effortless transactions from your current bank, even for international remittances. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and embrace a seamless solution to pay your suppliers promptly and efficiently.
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Why Zahara

The team who make Zahara tick all live and breathe AP Automation, Purchase Orders and hands-free invoice processing. We’re a small yet innovative bunch, based in Bath, UK. When you use Zahara, you’re in the safe hands of passionate folk who want you to have the best user-experience possible.

Zahara is ideal for service-based organisations who do a lot of buying or need an audit trail behind every purchase. Our Accounts Payable tools combine speed with accuracy, and our advanced control measures increase accountability, and confidence. It’s time to embrace efficiency.

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Unmatched Financial Control With Zahara's Approval Process

Purchase Orders give you next-level control and visibility over organisational spend.

Every purchase request - whether that's stock, general expenses, or capital assets - follows an agreed multi-step approval workflow. You can choose to have automatic approvals for small spends, while also implementing more complex approval workflows for expensive purchases.

Zahara helps you to create super simple or infinitely sophisticated purchase approval workflows straight out of the box.

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Fly Through Invoice Processing on Autopilot

Zahara helps finance teams process supplier invoices faster, and with greater accuracy. With nothing to install, your new paperless process can be up and running in no time.

Invoices are emailed into Zahara, where they are processed and read automatically, down to the line-item. Invoices are then routed for approval using highly customisable workflows, and finally matched against purchase orders or exported into your finance system.

Zahara's AutoPilot provides straight-through-processing with incredible recognition accuracy.

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Pay Suppliers Smarter

No Purchase to Pay solution would be complete without assisted and automated payments.

Pairing Zahara with the best payment providers now enables a new level of efficiency when paying supplier invoices.

For UK customers, our integration with Comma enables smooth bill payments using your existing bank or digital wallet. Doing so removes open banking restrictions like the maximum number of bills that can be paid in one go or the value of any payment run.

Final payments can also be approved, making the process more secure, but with significantly less friction.

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Enable the Mobile Workforce

Zahara helps you fully embrace modern work practices. Your colleagues are no longer tethered to their desks, and now your cloud-based AP software can go with them.

Our mobile app allows orders to be raised, receipted, and approved, just like on a desktop. Whether they’re working-from-home, on the road, or on-site, your colleagues can all enjoy the same functionality. You can also record ad-hoc work expenses, adding receipts to each line request before submitting for approval.

For your peace of mind, all users can still benefit from Zahara’s layered security, no matter the device.

How does your AP Automation software streamline the accounts payable process?
If your existing process relies on paper, spreadsheets or any form of manual intervention, you will find Zahara adds a huge amount of value to the AP Process. Every purchase is available in the Zahara online portal, where you will see the history grow from requisition to payment. There will be less waste, more speed and a smoother trackable process.
Can your software integrate with our existing ERP or accounting system?
If your finance or ERP system has any form of input for purchase invoices, we can integrate. We have full-integrations with many systems as shown above on this page, but we also make it easy to get the key-data you need out of Zahara and into your system. This could be fully-automated or simply you downloading data from our web-based software. We will work with you to design the best process.
What security measures are in place to protect sensitive financial data?
Zahara runs on Azure - Microsoft's cloud-platform. This is a robust scalable platform. We take security very seriously - as you'd expect and offer two factor authentication, including Login with Microsoft. All of our data is encrypted at rest. We are Cyber Essentials Plus certified and we have external tests of Zahara every year for security weaknesses. In summary we are as good as we can be.
How does the software handle multi-currency and multi-language invoices?
Each business unit has a base currency and orders and invoices can be created in any other currency. Our invoice recognition picks up different currencies and recognises most European languages competently. Our reporting api offers all data as well as currency exchange rates by date for more meaningful reports in tools like PowerBI.

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