Senior Team


Martin Peirce

Founder & CEO

Martin loves his gadgets and is a technologist through and through. He started out programming his BBC Micro back in the 80’s and had a love of computing ever since. His experience with document management and invoice processing in more recent years resulted in him designing Zahara. As a lifelong Chelsea fan, Martin knows how to manage expectation. He’s has no sporting ability whatsoever, but is a passionate motorcyclist – the faster the better, lover of dogs and keen traveller.


Jonathan Lee

Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan is Zahara’s finance director and has a long history as an FD with software businesses including spending ten years with the Planit Group which developed and distributed brands like Edgecam, Alphacam, Radan, amongst others. He now works with a number of businesses on a portfolio basis however, with his financial background, Zahara is closest to his heart. He enjoys walking and once ran a walking holiday business in southern France. He is also a keen foodie and collector of cookbooks!

Nick Hedley-Harper

Systems Manager

Nick has had many roles within the company. He started an entry-level position back in 2012, straight out of university, and has risen through the ranks with a deep understanding of the processes and system required in the business today. Nick can be involved on pre-sales meetings as well as being a large part of the back office tuning our own software, integrations and delivering the support to the Zahara team.

With Martin’s influence, he has become a keen motorcyclist but also enjoys Target/Clay pigeon shooting and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Paul Droguet

Paul Droguet

Regional Manager
Asia Pac

Paul is based in Brisbane, Australia and manages the Zahara business in the Asia Pacific region

Paul has a technical career working in both Australia and the UK. He has a great knowledge of business process and associated technologies that improve efficiencies. Paul is the territory manager for Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific providing real-time support and sales insight for both existing and new customers.

Jesús Gomez

Jesús Gomez

Regional Manager
North America

Jesús is based in Washington, DC, and manages the Zahara business in the North American region.
Jesús has had a diverse career in Europe and America, helping businesses raise funding, control their spending, and find new clients. In a previous life, he was a violinist and a conductor. He still enjoys music, but also plays tennis, football, and golf, and hikes in national parks.

Project & Customer Success

Emma Baker

Emma Baker

Project Manager

Emma’s here to manage our customer projects. To ensure the scopes are well thought through. Her experience working in large finance departments, ensure she understands customers needs and how to get the most from Zahara. She is a stickler for the detail, loves a project board and will nudge you when you need nudging.


Ruth Whittaker

Customer Success Manager

Ruth joined Zahara in October 2018 as a customer support and onboarding engineer. She brings a wealth of customer care experience gained in data management in education, hotel management and estate agency. When not working Ruth enjoys travel and is currently learning Spanish and has an ambition to walk the Camino de Santiago. She will go the extra mile to make sure Zahara onboarders and users have a world class experience.

Jai Sharma

Vitoria Bull

Project Coordinator

Vitória has over 8 years’ experience in customer facing roles where she has met a variety of clients and has catered successfully and attentively to their individual needs, no matter the situation. Vitória loves being social and offering support to others, she can help you in English, Portuguese, or Spanish, so take your pick! When not at work you’ll find her practicing her photography, climbing walls, or making colour coded spreadsheets. Vitória loves everything organisation and hopes to bring her creative flare and sunny personality with her, be careful her enthusiasm for lists is contagious..

Jai Sharma

Laurence Ketchen

Project Coordinator

Joining us from a hospitality and brewing background, Laurence has years of experience in customer-facing roles, helping him interpret customers’ needs to find the best solution for them. When not at work you’ll find him collecting whisky or tucked away with a good book and a cup of tea.

Sales & Marketing

Drew Murray

Drew Murray

Sales Manager

Drew has joined Zahara to lead the Sales Team and brings with him over ten years’ experience of working alongside software businesses. As a multi-sport enthusiast he loves riding bikes, running with his dog and hanging out with his family.

Jordan Butler

Sales Executive

Jordan joined us in January 2020 to optimize our marketing strategy and help with managing incoming leads. You will likely get a call from him if you fill out our contact form. Jordan spends his free time either playing cricket or golf, watching Formula 1, or playing with his two dalmatians, Leia and Luke. Yes, he is a Star Wars fan.

Bethan Clothier

Bethan Clothier

Marketing Assistant

After graduating with an MA in Marketing and Brand Management, Bethan joined Zahara as a Marketing Assistant. With experience in strategic brand management, social media marketing and digital, Bethan is dedicated to ensuring smooth touchpoints and excellent communication with our customers. She is involved in competitive cheer and dance, enjoys keeping up with social media trends and loves everything pink.

Tim Helps

Tim Helps

Sales Development Representative

Having recently graduated from the University of Bath, Tim has joined the team as a Support Engineer. With previous experience in customer and sales based roles Tim is excited to support Zahara customers. With a power-boating license in the US state of Tennessee, Tim has a keen interest in water sports and activities including sailing and kayaking. Tim is also enthusiastic about football and loves to travel to new places.

Rohitha Reddy

Rohitha Reddy

Sales Development Representative

Rohitha spends her days looking for organisations that are a great fit for Zahara. So if she approaches you by email or LinkedIn, it’s because she has personally selected you from one of her hand-crafted curated lists. She’s passionate about companies controlling their costs and adding efficiency to the finance team. So be kind to her and say yes to a call or demo!

Harsh Raj

Harsh Raj

Sales Development Representative

Harsh also spends his days looking for companies that would save money and time when they use Zahara. So if you get a message from him on email or LinkedIn, it’s because he desperate for you nit to miss out on our amazing software. So be kind to him also and say yes to a call or demo!

In-house Development & Design


James Godden

Development Manager &
Project Owner

James has been onboard with Zahara since its inception, and is the head of development at Zahara Systems, and is a real stickler for well tested code. Leading the internal development team, he tackles every project with calm professionalism, encouraging the team to find the best ways to do things.

In his spare time he plays Minecraft, reads a lot of sci-fi, and explores the rich cultural diversity that is his home town of Brighton.


Anthony Brooks

Design & Development Manager

Having spent 8 years in hospitality and retail management, including 4 years selling doughnuts for Krispy Kreme, Ant switched focus to software 6 years ago. Joining Zahara in January 2019, he now looks after all things user focused. All ways looking to add strings to his bow, he is currently learning to code.

Ant is also a keen sportsman, skiing and football being his sports of choice. He has spent 2 seasons living and skiing in Canada.

Jasmin Howlett

Jasmine Howlett

Software Developer

No one can ever acuse Jasmine of not seeing the wood for the trees as she has a Masters in Tropical Forst Ecology. She is a techie through and through and when not helping Zahara customers is coding or gaming. Her love of trees is only surpassed by her love of her elderly cat Melody.


Carl Spring

Software Developer

Starting with the company in 2016 as our primary support engineer, working through the ranks with his strong coding & analytical skillset. Working with Carl is nothing if not memorable, he bolsters optimism. He enjoys spending time with his Wife, little border terrier dog (Chester) and coding in his spare time. He is happiest most, when sat watching a cinematographic masterpiece (like ‘Road to Perdition’) with his little family.


Mat Hellings

Software Developer

Mat has a keen eye for programming and a keen ear for AI. He loves the power that coding gives a person and is always trying to put that power in the hands of others.

Bristol born, bread and fed; He keeps the team moral high with his Bristolian accent and general West-Country covers of songs. Travels everywhere on his skateboard and at his best, can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 52 seconds.

Tom Northeast

Tom Northeast

UX Design &
Technical Support

Having graduated from University with a Computer Games Design Degree, Tom has always had a keen interest with getting hands-on with new software. With previous experience in customer facing roles, Tom is here as a Support Engineer to keep the customers loving Zahara. When not at work you’ll find him getting stuck into one of his 3D modelling projects, out hiking, or being as close to the seaside as possible!


Harry Witt

Senior Support &

Harry has enjoyed dismantling (and fixing) gadgets since childhood and even won his first laptop in a competition aimed at familiarizing the elderly with technology.

Harry is one of the Support Engineers at Zahara, combining years of experience in both IT and customer service roles in order to assist keeping Zahara, and its customers, working.

Support & Customer Care


Jenna Moore

Support Manager

Jenna is the shortest member of the Support team at Zahara. She has worked in various customer support roles over the years, in particular working with backup and financial software. She enjoys helping people and problem solving. When Jenna isn’t exploring the world, she enjoys musical activities, dancing, philosophy, throwing things and has a love for all things Middle Eastern.

Louise Perry

Senior Support Engineer

With a degree in Computer Science and 15 years of experience of finance in a supply chain environment, Louise joins us a Senior Support Engineer. She ensures smooth operations for Zahara users and enjoys providing solutions. When not in the office, you’ll find Louise at music festivals or restoring historical soft furnishings.

Brooke Billing

Brooke Billing

Support Engineer

Brooke has 9 years of experience within public facing roles, predominately within customer service and charity sectors. She thoroughly enjoys problem solving to ensure that customers individual expectations are always exceeded. Outside of work, Brooke enjoys going on nature walks with her dog, Doug, paddle boarding, and going to the gym.

George Belt

George Belt

Support Engineer

George graduated with a degree in creative computing from Bath Spa University and along with 9 years of experience in customer facing roles, he joined the company in 2021. If he isn’t hunched over a computer at home, he’s busy cooking up a storm, most often making it up as he goes along. He also enjoys musical pursuits, video games and exploring the local delicacies and history of Bath.

Ethan Wyatt

Ethan Wyatt

Support Engineer

Ethan has been in various IT customer support roles over the last 5 years. He has worked with several different technologies and programming languages along the way. He is a very keen learner, enjoys cricket in the summer, enjoys gaming, Liverpool FC, walking, going to the gym and is a lover of cats.

Recent Zahara clients testimonials

“The approval process in Zahara has given us more control and better visibility of spend”. Martin Burnell – British Airways Holiday

Bristol Old Vic choose Zahara for its flexible pre-spend approvals and requisitions

Iron Mountain in South Africa choose Zahara to manage purchasing

US Oil Field company manage all costs with Zahara.

With 105 retails outlets, Lush wanted a truly paper-less AP process and turned to Zahara.

Media Accounts teams gained financial awareness and improved profitability resulting in continued successful growth.

Care homes group CHD Living brought their spending under management and found an easy way to enforce budgetary discipline.

“The approval processes and designated workflows are great. I like that the business can have its own divisions, that’s a big plus.” – Financial Controller at Aesthetx

The world’s second-largest annual arts festival uses Zahara to control supplier costs. 

Australian luxury development group use Zahara to manage their projects. 

The Butterfly foundation saved time by automating their processes, giving them more time to make a difference. 

Calbright College gained visibility and control over costs using Zahara. 

Lockdown drinks …

Refurbishment of Downing Street Flat …

A new Royal Yacht anyone?

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Get on top of spend by saying no to waste and inefficiency.

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Zahara’s next level AI invoice recognition will instantly read and route
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