invoice authorisation workflow

Asset Managements companies use Zahara for Invoice authorisation and efficiency

  • Multi-company, multi-currency cloud software
  • Multi-step invoice approvals
  • Flexible coding & structure setup
  • Coding request approvals - GL, Cost Centre, Project
  • Flexible accounts system integration
  • Clear visibility and allocation of spend
  • Audit trail behind every spend item

Better invoice approvals and payment authorisations

Our Real Estate & Asset Management clients require secure invoice approvals. Zahara allows vendor invoices to be easily forwarded into the central inbox, accurately read and then routed for approval with minimum effort. Nothing needs to be installed and you can be up and running in days not weeks.
Approvers can login daily to action or code any invoice or work on the go using our mobile app. We make it easy for an approver to take action without slowing them down. Time is money and our software assists finance with buy-in from colleagues. Zahara has a sophisticated set of rules that allow the right invoices to be sent to the right approvers or you can manage it all yourselves with little effort.
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Purchase Orders

Create spending transparency with real-time approval workflows that save you time whilst generating and sending purchase orders to suppliers

Invoice Processing

Without any software being installed, Invoices can be received, read and routed for approval so suppliers can be paid on time with less effort.

Spend Analytics

Analysing spend helps reveal wastage and improves bottom line profit. Zahara allows finance teams to accrue and report faster at month-end.

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