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Zahara is the all-in-one AP Automation solution that finance teams are adopting to control costs and speed up approval processes. We have everything your customers need and we make it easy to sell and demonstrate. Just email an invoice into Zahara and show the automated approval email or the buzz on your Apple watch 30 seconds later. Our software is easy to use, fast to learn and what's more, we are actively seeking resellers to add it to your existing software add-on mix.

Extend your product offering without the hassle

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Zahara is quick and easy to set up for automated invoice processing. We have an incredible user experience (UX) for the finance team and make it easy to convert paper die-hards to automation.

Upload or send invoices to a dedicated email address, process them in a few clicks and export invoices to accounting software they are already using like Sage, Xero and QuickBooks. Your guys can demonstrate this with minimal training.


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Step 1

Talk to Emma Baker, our partner manager to chat through business, where you are now and your interest in Zahara. Emma will discuss discounts and training resource available.

Step 2

Use Zahara yourself - we firmly believe in "easting your own dog food" - so the best way to be authoritative about Zahara and therefore convincing to your customers is to have first-hand experience.

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The Process

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Why use Zahara OCR Software and what is it?

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software feature extracts line-item information from supplier invoices removing the need for manual typing. It's fast and easy to setup and is revolutionary for anyone still keying invoice manually.

Purchase Order Processing

When it comes to buying, Zahara can be used completely standalone. With data staged, your customers can raise purchase requests that become purchase orders. They can report on this from within Zahara to see what’s awaiting approval, what’s been delivered and what’s awaiting invoicing. There is no requirement to sync any of this data with a finance system and as a rule, we don’t transfer purchase orders into the finance system unless the customer needs stock updating.

  • Raise purchase requests with approval workflows
  • Send Purchase Orders to selected suppliers
  • Receipt deliveries
  • Record and match invoices

Invoice Processing

The advanced and automated invoice processing in Zahara is easy and fast to use. The invoices we receive generally need to be passed over to the finance system so ledgers are updated and profits calculated. We have some customers who use Zahara for invoice payments only but the vast majority are syncing their Purchase Ledger invoices into the finance system together with the PDF record of the invoice. This presents professional services opportunities for setup, training and support:

  • Do we have a built-in sync you can use?
  • Can we export invoice data in a CSV or Excel format – yes we can
  • Can the finance system batch import invoice data?
  • Can you map the fields we have in Zahara with those in your finance system


Zahara's target customers are larger SME's with 30 - 200 users. Our customers typically want a turn-key solution with setup, training, and support. You can sell just the subscription (and bundle multiple years into a lease) or provide the complete solution. Our discounts will reflect the effort on your part from introduction only to full value added reseller.

Talk to our partner manager

Talk to our Partner Manager Emma Baker to discuss partnering options and available benefits and discounts.

Emma is an experienced accountant having worked for a larger accountancy firm and in industry. She has a wealth of experience of the bookkeeping industry and can offer real-world advice on how to add Zahara into your client mix and to maximise revenue opportunities.


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