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Zahara's key strength is the ability to create simple or incredibly sophisticated approval workflows in minutes. We have a range of conditions and rules that can be applied to each step of the Accounts Payable Automation process, to engage the right people in your organisation.

Approval workflows can be created for purchase orders (requests to buy that can be turned into purchase orders) and invoice approvals. The workflows can engage users for an approve / reject outcome but also to include steps such as sending a PO to a supplier or exporting an invoice into a finance system.

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Why Zahara

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Save Money Using Control And Process

As an organisation increases in size, there is a need to add more control on company spend. Making sure your buyers are buying from the right suppliers at the right price. You can achieve this easily when you introduce purchase requisition workflows. Managers can easily approve or reject spend requests and business leaders can have a complete visibility of all spend not yet showing on the Purchase Ledger.

  • Multi-step approvals workflows to control spend
  • Link approvals to budget holders
  • Send Purchase Orders automatically
  • Track every spend request and every outcome

Invoice Approvals for Every Business

Every business receives supplier invoices and these should be checked and validated for accuracy and authenticity. The finance team will regularly need to get authorisation from the business stake holders and this is where Zahara comes in. Easy route invoices for approval either using rules or by choosing your approver. You can even have different line items go off for approval to different people. With years of experience and expertise in this field, working with high-growth finance teams, we have your needs covered.

  • More than one person can approve
  • Flexible rules to engage the right people
  • No coding required, easy to setup
  • Integrate with your existing finance system
  • Hands-free processing when our OCR is also used
  • Automatic invoice posting
  • Even lets your suppliers know the invoice has been approved
  • Easy to find and track invoices
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Multi-Step Invoice Approvals FAQs

Can I use multi-step approvals for invoices?

Yes that's one of the key uses of Zahara's sofwtare - multi-step invoice approval workflows.

How do purchase requisitions work?

The buyer creates a purchase request. This can be attached to a multi-step purcase order workflow. The outcome from this could be purchase approval in which case a purchase order could be sent to the supplier. You have a choice of using the original requisition number or a new second sequential number purely for the Purchase Order.

Can an invoice be exported into the finance system after approval?

Yes, invoices can be exported into any of the finance systems we integrate with like Xero and QuickBooks Online as part of an invoice approval workflow .

What does multi-step mean in invoice approval software?

Invoice Approval workflows can involve more than one approver. This is what we mean by multi-ste - basically a multi person approval. Perhaps a department head approves and then a general manager and then a director. But perhaps we only involve these additional people under certain conditions - like the price being above a price. This should be the key consideration of any invoice approval software.

Can a group of people approve an invoice?

We support group approvals where one person from a group can approve invoices with a few options on how we select the right person. We can also facilitate different line-items being sent to different invoice approvers as part of the same invoice approval workflow

Can I approve invoices by email only?

Yes. We put approve and reject buttons in the email making our invoice approval software so much easier to use.

Can I approve invoices or purchase orders on the Mobile app?

Yes. The mobile app allows invoice approvals or purchases order approvals and displays line item details.

Do I get invoice approval reminders?

Yes you can set to send an invoice approval reminder email on a schedule to suit - i.e.. daily at 8am.

Can we easily see the status of an invoice or purchase order approval?

Yes very easily. We have two key lists - invoices and orders and you can see from these the approval status

Do I get training on how to use your invoice approval software?

For invoice approvals? You won't need it. It's very easy. We never overwhelm a user. We have a rich video library and knowledge base as well.

Can I report on how many invoices are waiting for approval?

You sure can. Our reporting section can be used by authorised users to run off a list of things awaiting approval.

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