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Controlling Costs in Sports & Hospitality

Affordable cost control and finance automation for the leisure, arts, events, sporting & hospitality industries.

  • Control spend with departmental or project budgets
  • Use approval processes for all invoices and purchase requests
  • Track budget progress easily
  • Scan and process supplier invoices faster
  • Prevent invoices being processed or paid twice
  • Prevent duplicate purchases and reduce wastage

Zahara has some high profile sports teams as customers including Bath Rugy, Harelquins and Notts Country Cricket

Is Zahara a great fit for you

Are you:

  • A regular event or festival that needs tight costs controls?
  • Sports venue?
  • Sports team with uneven or ramped spend across the year?
  • Theater wanting to control production costs?

Do yo have:

  • Frustration with limitations of current accounts system?
  • Real desire to manage spend and control costs better?
  • Sage 50 (UK), Xero, QuickBooks Online or Sage 200?

Benefits of our Sports & Leisure customers

Benenfits of using Zahara
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Fast accurate invoice Processing

Our AI recognition will effortlessly read your invoices and have the data in your finance system without you having to lift a finger. Just forward your invoices to Zahara and we will do the rest.

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Departmental Spend

Divisions can be created for each department or team. The budget and spend for each department can be tracked with a complete audit history of purchase orders and invoices.

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Approval Workflows

Zahara’s customisable approval workflows allow for the right people to approve each purchase order and invoice, which can also be matched to the correct costs and coded easily.

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Eliminate Manual Process

Customisable approval workflows allow for the right people to approve each purchase order or invoice, which can also be matched to the correct costs and coded easily.

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Quick & Simple to Deploy

Fast to setup, intuitive to use, making it easy to train your people. In no time, you will be getting a great ROI with cost saving through efficiencies, reduced waste, and of course the reduced risk of fraud.

Integrate with these key finance systems

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We integrate with the leading Accounting, ERP and Inventory platforms to make getting your data into these systems a simple process.

What our customers say

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Purchase Orders

Control costs with Purchase Orders. Buy whats approved.

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Multi-step approval workflows mean all spend is authorised

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Faster approved vendor
payments with less friction

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Invoice Processing

Faster invoice processing. No needless data entry.


How we're helping Sports & Leisure customers

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Whether you are planning your next event, festival, performance or match, having a spend budget and pre-planning the likely spend with purchase orders will give you greater visibility and real-time monitoring of costs.

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Not linear at all

We recognise that you may well be idle for six months and manic therafter. Your business is seasonal so you need empathy from a software company like Zahara. We can create usage plans that flex when you need them to.

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