Zahara works great for leisure, arts, events, sporting & hospitality

Zahara is the add-on to your finance system, plugging the gap for finance automation and control of costs. Integrating easily with most systems, you can deploy Zahara into the spend areas that need control. All spend can be applied to a budget giving finance and management clarity on progress and allowing better financial decisions to be made With Zahara you have a complete visbility of a department or projects spend to date and more importantly planned spend.

  • Control spend with departmental or project budgets
  • Use approval processes for all invoices and purchase requests
  • Track budget progress easily
  • Scan and process supplier invoices faster
  • Prevent invoices being processed or paid twice
  • Prevent duplicate purchases and reduce wastage
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Why are sports teams turning to Zahara?

For affordable cost control and finance automation:

  • Control spend with multi-step approvals
  • Better budget visibility for all departments
  • Pay supplier bills faster with less effort
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Who's using Zahara right now?

Zahara is proving popular with these types of leisure and sports clubs:

  • Regular events or festivals that needs tight costs controls
  • Sports venues with food buying
  • Sports teams with uneven or ramped spend across the year
  • Theaters wanting to control production costs
  • Use Sage 50 (UK), Xero, QuickBooks Online or Sage 200
  • Frustration with limitations of current accounts system
  • Real desire to manage spend and control costs better

Whether you are setting up this year's festival, planning the next production or managing your sports team's travel budget for the months ahead, Zahara is a tool that can be deployed alongside your existing accounts system to better manage and control your costs.

Real-time visibility and transparency
of departmenal costs

Our UK team concentrate all our time on the discipline of purchasing. Our software provides the audit trail from when someone wants to buy something to it being delivered and the invoice recorded. You can setup budgets to control a team's spend and create approval processes with multiple conditions so the right people are engaged when costs are being planned or incurred.

Zahara is a tool for the finance team to help manage spend but also improve the efficiency of processing supplier invoices. Our OCR tools enable the in-house scanning or loading of purchase invoices and we have integrations with a number of systems like Sage 50 / 200 to facilitate faster processing.

Zahara is quick to deploy - fast to setup, intuitive to use making it easy to train your people. In no time, you will be getting a great ROI with cost saving through efficiencies, reduced waste, and of course the reduced risk of fraud. Talk to the Zahara team to find out how we can help.

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Advanced Built-in Invoice Automation

  • No need for additional software
  • Email invoices into Zahara
  • Incredible first-time accuracy reading values
  • intelligent coding of invoices based on history
  • Match against Zahara Purchase Orders
  • Save countless hours on keying in each month
  • Be up and running in minutes
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Purchase Orders

Create spending transparency with real-time approval workflows that save you time whilst generating and sending purchase orders to suppliers

Invoice Processing

Without any software being installed, Invoices can be received, read and routed for approval so suppliers can be paid on time with less effort.

Spend Analytics

Analysing spend helps reveal wastage and improves bottom line profit. Zahara allows finance teams to accrue and report faster at month-end.

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