Raise Purchase Orders with your own logo

You can create your own PO template to look exactly the way you want it. Your supplier can receive a crisp PDF with all of the information you choose and your own logo at the top. Using CSS and our place-holders there is nothing stopping you producing a professional PO template of your choice.

Purchase Order Approvals

When your colleagues raise an order, you may want to get a HOD (head of department) to approve, or have a conditional approval based on the Division or the amount of the order. We have two types of approval. We have a simple approval by email that is built-in. We also have a plugin to FileDirector which is a fantastic document management system, available in the cloud as well. When using FileDirector the approval routine is limitless. It is fully integrated with Zahara.
When using FileDirector, approvers can approve using their iPhone or Android device or at their workstations using the browsers.


Regardless of where you are in the world – USA, Euro zone, UK or South Africa, we allow you to set your home currency and the default currency for each of your suppliers. When it comes to reporting, the figures are converted to your home currency, regardless of the currency your order or invoices are in. Each day we record the exchange rates so your orders are raised and linked to the value of the currency rate on that specific day.

GRN process

If you are receiving goods against your orders, you can check them in using the GRN process. You can accept the order in full or specify part quantities. Once the order has been received in full, the order is complete.

Invoice Matching & Filing

Once the invoice comes in for your order, you can quickly and easily file the PDF away in our built-in “DoxStore” system. You can record the invoice details as well. You will obviously want to cut down on any keying into your own accounts system you can export CSV files for batch importing transactions. We have an export for Sage 50 built-in and will create new CSV formats on request.

The key benefit here is a complete visual of the “purchase to pay” process – access to the order, access to any delivery information and a faster way of deciding whether a supplier invoice is valid. We hope the process compliments the way you do it at the moment, but it much more less-paper reliant.

Invoice Approvals

You may only receive a couple of hundred invoices a month but still need to get them approved. Once keyed into Zahara you can send a supplier invoice off for approval. We make the keying as easy as possible with as few keystrokes as required. Approvers can be selected from a list or you can create as many approval workflows as you need. Your approvers can approve on the go, on their phones, and you will have a neat dashboard showing all of the invoices that are “green”, approved and ready to pay, or “orange” pending or “red” in query. When your volumes exceed 400 – 500 invoices a month – you will want to introduce our OCR technology to intelligently read supplier invoices as explained below …

Advanced Invoice Automation

As part of the document lifecycle, your suppliers will send you their invoice. Although you can record these invoices very quickly in Zahara, we also provide intelligent OCR software called SmartInvoice. SmartInvoice is Windows desktop software that will read and recognise an invoice matching it against any orders in Zahara. You can then post the invoice directly into Zahara, file it on your networks and post it directly into accounts systems including Sage 50 and Xero. For other systems, your ERP / accounts vendors can easily pick up invoice data from a local database or a CSV / XML file. Sounds complicated? It’s not. It’s fast, easy and affordable.


With al of this information at your fingertips, you will want to be able to download reports on spend and exceptions. We have several useful reports and will ad more over time.

Control, Permissions and Empowerment

Zahara is designed for the larger enterprise but makes perfect sense for any small business. You can add as many users as you like and with our affordable pricing you can set up as many users as you need. You set roles and permissions and empower buying but police spend.

Invoice Coding Approvals

As part of an invoice approval process, you may require the approver to code the invoice. You can select a coding approval and request the approver code the invoice with the project code, cost code or ledger code. Or all three. Or which-ever you need.