Zahara Features


  • Manage suppliers and products
  • Departmental & Project Budgets
  • Mobile App for Buying on the move
  • Sophisticated approval processes and workflows
  • Easily receipt deliveries
  • Dashboards of real-time organizational purchasing
  • Storage of all related documents
  • Multi-currency handling
  • Full audit trail and compliance for every purchase


Invoice Processing:

  • Email invoices into Zahara
  • Connect Zahara to your existing O365 / Gmail emails
  • Scan or batch load and read invoices with SmartInvoice
  • Automatic invoice workflows for approval and export
  • Export invoices to Sage, Xero, QBO, CSV, Excel
  • Record multiple invoices against each order - see the balance
  • Automatic reminder approval emails
  • Approve from email or dashboard
  • Have approvers code or comment on invoices
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Easily Raise Purchase Orders

You can create your own PO template to look exactly the way you want. Your supplier can receive a crisp PDF with all of the information you choose and your own logo at the top. Using CSS and our place-holders there is nothing stopping you producing a professional PO template of your choice.

Purchase Approvals

Zahara allows you to create multi-step approvals with numerous conditions. This means you can create the perfect approval process for both purchases - pre spend and invoices. You can engage just one person for the approval or have multiple people involved. Simply add the steps you need.

  • Value - net or gross - use the value condition to determine who approves
  • Originator - orders from the CEO may need handling differently
  • Project - route to the project manager for approval
  • Supplier - Handle types of suppliers or specific suppliers differently
  • Budget - Only have approvals when budget is exceeded
  • Custom fields - create your own buying categories, for example Opex, Capex & Real Estate

You can easily build your approval process so people are emailed or suppliers receive a copy of the purchase order once an approval is complete.
Approvers can approve by email, on their mobile devices without logging in, or through the Zahara dashboard. You can schedule to send a reminder email to all your approvers as often as you like and approvers can see how they perform compared to their colleagues.


Regardless of where you are in the world – USA, Euro zone, UK or South Africa, we allow you to set your home currency and the default currency for each of your suppliers. When it comes to reporting, the figures are converted to your home currency, regardless of the currency your order or invoices are in. Each day we record the exchange rates so your orders are raised and linked to the value of the currency rate on that specific day.

GRN process

If you are receiving goods against your orders, you can check them in using the GRN process. You can accept the order in full or specify part quantities. Once the order has been received in full, the order is marked as complete.

Invoice Matching & Filing

You can easily record the invoice in Zahara and match it against the PO. Exceptions are easy to see; the automatic approval process identifies if the exception requires an approval or can be sent straight for payment. The approval status of the PO and GRN status are clearly visible, with a number of settings to control the process. You can record non-PO invoices for approval and have these exported to your accounting system.

Invoice Approvals

You may receive a low volume of invoices per month, but still need them approving. Zahara allows this, designed with ease of use in mind. Approvers can be selected from a list, or you can create custom workflow approvals. Our colour coding system allows approvers to easily approve, decline or get more detail on a PO on the go. These colours are displayed on a dashboard, giving you a quick view of your invoice’s status.

Invoice Coding Approvals

As part of an invoice approval process, you may require the approver to code the invoice. You can select a coding approval and request the approver code the invoice with the project code, cost code or ledger code as well as commenting or amending the description. The choice is yours.

Invoice Order Balance

With Zahara, you can raise a purhase order to your supplier and then record multiple invoices against the order, with the real-time balance visible to you.

Invoice PDF in Xero, QuickBooks & Sage 50

Record the invoice in Zahara together with the PDF. When exported to supported accounts systems, the PDF will be visible in both the accounts and Zahara, with links from one to the other.

Advanced Invoice Automation

As part of the document lifecycle, your suppliers will send you their invoice. Although you can record these invoices very quickly in Zahara, we also provide intelligent OCR software called SmartInvoice. SmartInvoice is Windows desktop software that will read and recognise an invoice matching it against any orders in Zahara. You can then post the invoice directly into Zahara, file it on your network and post it directly into accounts systems including Sage 50 (UK), Xero & QuickBooks Online. For other systems, your ERP / accounts vendors can easily pick up invoice data from a local database or a CSV / XML file. Sounds complicated? It’s not. It’s fast, easy and affordable.


With all of this information at your fingertips, you will want to be able to download reports on spend and exceptions. We have numerous useful reports that can be queried or filtered before exporting into Excel.

Control, Permissions and Empowerment

Zahara is designed for the larger enterprise but makes perfect sense for any small business. You can add as many users as you like and with our affordable pricing you can set up as many users as you need. You set roles and permissions and empower buying but police spend.


One of Zahara's powerful features is budgets - the ability to create a buying framework for a department or project. You can set granularity on GL code or Cost Codes and specify the time period - week, month, quarter, year etc. The buyers can clearly see how their purchase affects the budget, the approvers can also make decisions based on budget and finance can see very clearly the status of a project or department budget in real-time.


You can use Zahara's Projects to ring-fence spend - this helps provide a great visual for events, construction and any temporary spending inside the organization. You can regulalry export a spreadsheet with the status of all project spend against an overall expected budget as well as comparing with a granular budget.

Expense and Commission Claims

Claiming expenses and commission within Zahara is easy to set up, thanks to our approval process. Users will simply raise a purchase order to your company for approval, it can then be sent to the appropriate approvers. You can find out how easy this process is here.