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Zapier & Microsoft Flow

These integrations are event driven. This could be a new vendor being recorded in Zahara or in a supported accounts or CRM system. It could be a new purchase order created or invoice recorded in Zahara that you want to record in SalesForce. All you need to do is create a Zap in Zapier or the equivalent in Microsoft Flow that listens for events and then instantly connect the data together. Zapier & Flow are easy to use, and often Free to start with (some integrations require a paid for account). This integration opens up numerous possibilities for supporting cloud-based applications.

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  • Record new purchase orders against a supplier in SalesForce
  • Record a new invoice against a supplier in Zoho
  • Send a Teams message when a document is approved
  • Send a Slack message to Finance when a new supplier is created
  • Create integrations with Zoho CRM
  • Create integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Save a PDF to DropBox as soon as a new invoice is created

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key Benefits:

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow allows you to connect Zahara up to a range of other applications and create event driven behaviors. Zahara’s connector requires a premium subscription to Flow – often included in your Office 365 subscription. Zahara supports a number of event triggers allowing you to create additional work flows outside of the Zahara application. The key thing here is to push data from Zahara over to other applications and where connectors don’t exist, encourage your application vendor to write them. The main “off the shelf” connector will be into Office 365 applications, such as generating emails using O365.


Zahara triggers include:

  • New supplier added
  • Supplier edited
  • New Cost / Tax / Nominal code / Project Added
  • New Document Approved
  • New approval comment
  • New Invoice
  • New invoice set to Exported
  • New Purchase Order
  • New invoice PDF added


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Purchase Orders

Control costs with Purchase Orders. Buy whats approved.

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Multi-step approval workflows mean all spend is authorised

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Faster approved vendor
payments with less friction

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Invoice Processing

Faster invoice processing. No needles data entry.


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