Control Job Costs and Make Payables more Efficient

Invoice Processing and Job Cost Accounting

  • Process supplier invoices faster
  • Speed up ordering of materials
  • Control construction costs with budgets and job controls
  • Manage subcontractor behaviour with T&C's and PO's
  • Get better pricing by comparing with other Zahara users
  • Allocate costs to Jobs correctly
  • Get the guys on-site approving and receipting with just their phones
  • Generate orders at Trade Counters with our mobile app
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Better buying with Purchase Orders

  • All your staff can login to Zahara
  • Multi-step approval processes
  • Convert requisitions into purchase orders
  • Automate sending POs to your suppliers
  • Create project spend budgets
  • Approve by email on-the-go
  • Real-time visibility of costs
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Is Zahara right for you?

We appreciate Zahara isn't for every type of construction business. We are ideally suited to construction companies like this:

  • Multiple concurrent jobs - lots going on, lots of buying
  • Centralised accounts office - More than one person in accounts
  • Process more than 1000 supplier invoices per month
  • Paperwork everywhere, literally can't see the woods for the trees
  • Use Sage 50 (UK), Xero, QuickBooks Online or Sage 200
  • Field-based site foreman or project managers who need to approve invoices
  • Frustration with limitations of current accounts system - e.g Sage 50
  • Real desire to do more with the same and be more efficient
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Real-time visibility of project costs

Once the project starts, the difference between profit and loss is managing costs. Controlling your costs with agreed pricing, supplier management and purchase controls can make the difference. Zahara allows you to ring-fence job costs, get supplier invoices approved and matched faster, making it easier to raise and send purchase orders. Above all though, it allows you to see costs in real-time when using our mobile app or purchase orders.
Whether you have central buying or need site-based staff to raise orders, Zahara gives your back-office team the immediate visual on all spend. From the instance a trade-counter purchase is made, finance will know an invoice is coming. The finance team can easily and quickly reference orders when matching invoices and also use our suite of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools to get supplier invoices scanned and recorded and into the accounts system, like Sage 50, faster..
invoice automation

Advanced invoice automation with SmartInvoice

  • SmartInvoice - Desktop Windows Software
  • Scan or load supplier email PDF's
  • Incredible first-time accuracy reading values
  • Read & code line items, or manually split
  • Match against Zahara Purchase Orders
  • Export orders to Zahara and have them route for approval automatically
  • Automatically export to Sage / Xero / QBO on approval with the PDF
  • Save countless hours on keying in each month
  • Be up and running in no time


Cloud-based Purchasing Management

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