Netflix During Lockdown

What Have We Been Watching? When we aren't making incredible AP software, we are watching Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV and all the other streaming services. Let's be honest, there isn't much else to d…

Back to business

Bouncing Back

Is Your Business Ready For The Return Covid-19 has taught us at Zahara many things. First and foremost, we don’t need an office to work at 100% productivity - we learnt this very quickly. I was w…

Working from home

Business has changed… Forever

Our business landscape is changing We are busier than ever with finance teams wanting to work from home more efficiently. We are showcasing our approvals portal and amazing invoice OCR, InvoiceExpr…


Invoice Express – The Game Changer

Let the robots take the hard-work out of your invoice processing It's not often I get excited and start banging the drum, but our new Invoice Express is a game changer. It's so simple, yet so inc…

Home office

Zahara – Working From Home

Working from home for the Zahara team hasn’t been a stretch so far. We are fortunate to use some great software apps that enable us to communicate, share and collaborate quickly and easily. The t…

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