So what’s with the apples? Our marketing wiz Harry, has created the #SiliconCiderValley. We are located just south of the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, in the county of Somerset, UK –  famous for it’s scrumpy cider. And it’s fast becoming a bit of a tech centre as well, with a number of bright, up and coming software companies. To make great cider, you need great apples. To make great software, you need great people.

So we are Click2Scan Ltd – C2S – and we have a team that focus primarily on creating great solutions for the accounts payables department. Zahara was written to fulfil a need that we kept finding. Organisations didn’t have control and visibility of their spend. They certainly didn’t have an efficient way to get spend approved – whether before or after an  invoice arrives, so we set about to make the process better and easier. And that’s what we continue to do each day. We make buying better.

What sets us apart from other providers in our space, is we listen. Really simple. We listen to what you have, and what you need. If you need a feature and we don’t have it, we will tell you when it’s coming or when we can do include it. We think of our customers as a community and we want to make Zahara the best it can be for the growing global user base we have.

Our Senior Team

Meet The Team

Developer Dan

Dan has the mercurial touch when it comes to coding. Fueled on
a diet of natural honey and lapsang souchong, he sit’s crossed
legged in front of his multiple screens and releases new features
and refinements like one of the great composers riffing out a
concerto. He’s a deep thinker is Dan, but he also a dark side –
liking the grubbier end of the Bristol Drum & Bass scene.

Meet The Team

#JMIW Martin

When Martin was a child, it’s clear that no body told him “askers don’t get”. In fact it’s like Queen on repeat singing “I want it all, and I want it now”. This relates to features and functionality of course. Martin is a listener though. He listens to what the customers want and then shapes those ideas into defined features the rest of the team have to implement. #MGWMW is a reminder on the dev room wall – Martin Gets what Martin Wants !

Meet The Team

James & The Giant Graph

James 2 – (we have 2 James’s) is the data expert. He is our database guru and dashboard wiz. As the reporting in Zahara expands, James is the one behind the scenes joining and crunching tables and queries. He has a keen eye for how things should look – a sharp dressed man – and a sharp developer as well.

Meet The Team

James The Flow

James 1 – is the head honcho when it comes to the developers. He’s the one who sanitises what we are doing, making sure everything works to plan. He’s a joiner of dots. He likes getting data and moving it to the right place. His obssession is the flow of information – making sure stuff happens in the right place at the right time.

Meet The Team

‘Faceman’ Nick

Right-hand man to Martin. If you are interested in Zahara, then 9 times out of 10 you will speak to Nick. He heads up most of the customer-facing aspects our solution. From quotes to support, Nick is only a call or email away!

Cloud-based Purchasing Management

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