The Zahara Team - About Us

Zahara HQ is located in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, in the UK.

The team here at Zahara focus primarily on creating great software for the finance department. Zahara was written to fulfil a need that we kept finding. Organisations didn’t have control and visibility of their spend. They certainly didn’t have an efficient way to get spend approved – whether before or after an  invoice arrives, so we set about making the process better and easier. And that’s what we continue to do each day. We make buying better. We create joined up solutions with Zahara as our central platform with add-on OCR invoice recognition and document management options.

What sets us apart from other providers in our field of expertise, is our listening skills and can-do attitude. Really simple. We listen to what you have, and what you need. If you need a feature, and we don’t have it, we will tell you when it’s coming or when we you can expect it. We think of our customers as a community, and we want to make Zahara the best it can be for the growing global user base we have.

The Zahara team stretches across three continents with support and marketing in the UK, development in Poland and application operations in the US & India. And if you’re wondering why we are called Zahara, the answer is in the picture below. We took the name from this beautiful mountainside town and lake in Andalusia, Spain. It’s a long story but we like it. We hope you remember it and contact us to tell us how we can help you with your efficiency plans.

Contact us to book a demo or take a trial of Zahara. You won’t be disappointed.

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