Accounts Payable Automation System - Unlock Cost Control and Efficiency

Revolutionise your financial processes with Zahara’s Accounts Payable Automation. This sophisticated yet accessible solution efficiently manages supplier invoices, controlling costs and minimising the effort and energy spent on validation and processing.

Experience the power of an intuitive user interface designed to enhance adoption and accelerate your return on investment. With Zahara, everything you need is consolidated in one convenient location, enabling you to complete month-end figures more swiftly and accurately.

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Control spending with PO's

Get control up-front before people start buying.

Flexible approval workflows

Scrutinise the important purchases and make sure they are approved first.

Easy Invoice Processing

Use automation to get invoices in, read and routed so you can get the numbers prepared faster.

Automatic Supplier Payments

Use next-gen payments technology to pay suppliers more easily and on time every time.

Keep Your AP Process All In One Place

The days of the app stack are over. With the help of Zahara you can complete all four key aspects of the AP process from the comfort of one app.

And when it comes to connecting up, Zahara has ready-made integrations with a number of popular finance systems. And for those on more bespoke or on-premise tools, we have multiple ways to get data in and out of Zahara, so no-one gets left behind.

Save Your Team Time

Zahara is all about automation. It can't but help free up valuable time.

Take back control of costs

As your organisation scales so do costs. Get in control early on.

User friendly

It's easy to use. We made it that way so you can deploy and adopt faster.

Elimiate Errors

We are all human. But the bots aren't, so errors can be reduced.

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How Zahara Works

Buy better with Zahara POs'

Our software helps you get on top of costs. As your organisation grows, it's important to remember your small-business principles and not allow costs to run away from you.

Know your costs before you commit to spending. Set strict budgets for particular departments or projects and use multi-step approval workflows to decline, amend, or approve purchase orders.

Receipt Goods With Ease

If your teams can easily mark off as received the things they have bought, adopting Accounts Payable Automation becomes easier for the finance team. Zahara has deliveries and receipting on the mobile app so it's never been easier.

Zahara’s reporting and analysis shows you who’s buying what, when, and from who. With a complete audit trail and the ability to record GRNs, you never have to wonder which step is holding up the process.

An image of invoice processing - a key part of AP Automation

Say "Goodbye" to Manual Data Entry

One of the key pillars of accounts payable automation is the ability to get your supplier invoices approved and validated and into your finance system with minimal effort. This means fast and intelligent reading of the invoices and matching against any outstanding purchase orders.

The end result is you can pay your invoices 9 times faster, with less effort on your part. Zahara can accurately read your invoices for you, down to the line item level, applying all the correct coding.

Approve, Export, Pay

Paying bills is the final part of the accounts payable automation process. Whether it's domestic or FX, having a secure system linked to the invoices that need paying, where payments can be effected quickly and payment statuses reflected in your finance system has to be an improvement over manual process.

Paying bills more easily with less effort will free up time for your team to analyse spend and focus on cost savings. With Zahara you can track every invoice from receipt to approval and then into your finance system for payment.

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We integrate with your Accounting Software

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What is Accounts Payable Automation, and why do businesses need it?
Accounts Payable Automation is a software solution that streamlines and automates the processes involved in managing supplier invoices and payments. Businesses need it to reduce manual data entry, improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and gain better control over their financial operations.
How does Accounts Payable Automation work, and what are its key features?
Accounts Payable Automation works by capturing, processing, and routing invoices and payment-related documents electronically. It's key features typically include invoice scanning, data extraction, workflow automation, electronic approvals, and integration with accounting systems like Xero, Sage & Microsoft Dynamics.
What are the benefits of implementing Accounts Payable Automation for my business?
Implementing Accounts Payable Automation can bring several benefits, including:


  • Faster invoice processing times
  • Reduced errors and late payments
  • Improved visibility into financial data
  • Enhanced compliance with payment regulations
  • Cost savings through reduced paper usage and manual labor
Is Accounts Payable Automation suitable for businesses of all sizes?
Yes, Accounts Payable Automation solutions are scalable and can benefit businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. The specific features and configurations may vary, but the core benefits of efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings apply across the board.
What are the top 5 benefits of AP Automation?
The top 5 benefits of AP Automation are:
  • Speed of processing - everything should be done faster, so efficiency
  • Accuracy of data - avoid human mistakes and get the machine and it's rules working for you.
  • Visibility of spend - with AP Automation, you should be able to see spend in real-time
  • Security - Fraud prevention is much easier when left to rules based evaluations
  • Documented Process - adding value to your business, the accounts payable process will be documented and easier to explain