Customer Story: Bridge Financials
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Zahara has been a complete revolution for our clients.

Bridge Financials

Bridge Financials describe the software as a “complete revolution for our clients”, especially now that companies are adopting hybrid work models and employees need the resources to work from anywhere. Hilary describes that adopting Zahara alongside Xero allows clients to save time, eliminate paper, speed up month-end reports, improve compliance, and reduce overall spend through more control.

Industry: Services
Finance System: Xero Specialists
Started Using Zahara: June 2020


You understand your business, your markets & you believe in what you do, in your products and services. Sometimes you need help with translating that into sustainable financial success. Think about what you would like to have, and where you would like to be and then let Bridge Financials work with you to find the solution. It can be tempting to stick with what you know — even if you know it had its limitations but we have tools that are easy to implement and which will give you the control over your business that you require, and which will make your life easier, simpler and less stressful.

The Solution

Bridge Financials aim to address their client’s specific business challenges after understanding their individual needs and business aims. With Zahara being an off-the-shelf system that can be configured for each client, it can be applied effectively across many sectors. Zahara is used by Construction companies, Care Providers, Not-for-profits, and Asset Management firms, among many others. This flexibility allows Zahara Partners to confidently recommend Zahara to any business they work with that would benefit from accounts payable automation, without being limited to specific industries.

The Benefits

With more employees working from home, old manual processes are no longer sustainable, and cloud-based solutions like Zahara provide completely accessible operations. In the words of Bridge Financials, using Zahara has been a “complete game changer” for clients, compared to the days of chasing paperwork around the office. They have recognised that not for profit organisations who have stricter requirements for orders particularly benefit, as Zahara allows for customised approval workflows and much greater visibility of spend. They love empowering their clients to fix their business problems so that they can spend more time on growth. We love having Matthew and Hilary on board as Zahara partners and always look forward to talking to more potential partners about how we can solve problems for clients.

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