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Customer Story: British Airways
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I’m really pleased with how easy it is to approve costs using Zahara. The software has helped us control our spending

Claire Bentley, Managing Director

The finance team recognised the importance of controlling the buying process from initial requisition and raising, approving and issuing purchase orders through to recording, matching and authorising invoices from suppliers. This process was highly manual resulting in time consuming and costly errors and inefficiencies.

To address this requirement, BA Holidays reviewed a number of potential cloud-based accounts payables automation platforms and, after detailed evaluation by IT and finance teams, found that Zahara met all of their needs and more.

Industry: Leisure & Travel
Finance System: Aggresso
Started Using Zahara: January 2017


British Airways can help you plan your perfect holiday. Whether it’s a last-minute getaway, a family break or a classic fly-drive you can book your whole trip with them.

The Solution

BA set up the Zahara platform in just a few days. Zahara easily coped with the organisational structure and enabled BA Holidays to control their departmental spending.

The required departmental approvals processes were mapped and configured into the Zahara software in order to cope with BA’s demanding authorisation needs.

Once implemented, BA rolled the Zahara platform out to their 250 employees. Designed from the ground up as a cloud based platform the staff found the software very easy to use, and accessible from anywhere.

The Benefits

After deploying Zahara, the finance team are now able to view and control the ‘req-to-cheque’ process in real time from any location. The BA team have achieved their objective of reducing the costs, time and errors involved in raising requisitions, making approvals, placing orders and processing suppliers’ invoices.

With Zahara, BA has achieved a significant return-on-investment and delivered on all its objectives.

So, while BA deliver the perfect holidays to its customers, Zahara has helped automate the perfect procure-to-pay process.

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