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Microsoft Business Central

Our full integration with Business Central will be launched in Q1/Q2 2023. For those looking to take advantage of Zahara’s easy to set up purchase approval workflows, and affordable automated invoice processing, they can start straight away. We have a universal export connector that allows invoices to be exported from Zahara in the format Dynamics requires. Then within a few clicks these can be imported into Business Central. We also have a Microsoft Flow / Power Automate integration.

Reminding you of Zahara’s feature set, all Business Central users could benefit from:

  • Sophisticated multi-condition approval workflows for purchase requests
  • Sophisticated multi-condition approval workflows for invoices
  • Advanced accurate recognition of invoices including line items
  • Simple staff expenses
  • Purchase controls with Budgets and Project
  • Advanced user permissions for a complete company wide roll-out
"You can set up Zahara yourself,
or we will do everything for you."


Advanced AP Automation with Zahara

  • Email invoices into Zahara
  • Invoices read accurately within 30 seconds
  • Full line-item recognition
  • Purchase Order number matching with order balance shown
  • GRN status available for approvals
  • Multi-currency, multi-business unit
  • AutoPilot straight through processing for trusted suppliers

Watch this explainer video to see how Zahara works

key Benefits:

Microsoft Business Central

Zahara will be launching a full integration with Business Central Q1/Q2 2023. This will include a sync of vendors and coding as well as the ability to create invoices in Business Central from Zahara.

Why change? Why now?

Because there is nothing else like Zahara for speed and setup. With over 170 settings “in the box” you can be up and running quickly, controlling costs and getting and amazing ROI on your investment

Unlock cost savings

With our easy to setup approvals workflows, you can control costs like never before. Every spend request can be evaluated. Is it the right supplier? is it the right price? Is it even necessary. Approvals get you back in control.

Lock down suppliers

Our supplier management means you can control which vendors appears in the list and what products are available to choose. Leftfield supplier choices can be spotted and evaluated or stopped in their tracks.

Turbo charge payments

Your suppliers love being paid on time. With Zahara, any road blocks to payment efficiency are removed. Supplier invoices can be received, routed and set for payment on AutoPilot with approvals created for the conditions you set.


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Purchase Orders

Control costs with Purchase Orders. Buy whats approved.

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Multi-step approval workflows mean all spend is authorised

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Faster approved vendor
payments with less friction

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Invoice Processing

Faster invoice processing. No needles data entry.


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