Full AP Automation Suite for Sage 200

Sync Type:   Full Sync
Integration Type:  SmartSync

If you run Sage 200 for the advanced reporting and capabilities, as opposed to the stock module and manufacturing then Zahara may well suit you. Our strength is with multi-site organisations or non-stock organisations that wish to distribute buying out to their colleagues with controls and validations on purchasing. Providing the users with a login for Sage would be overly complicated and unnecessary.

Zahara is cloud-based, accessible, user-friendly and easy to deploy. In no-time you can have sophisticated approvals for purchase requisitions or invoices and be reporting on spends and accruing for purchases. However, you still need to keep in sync with your Sage 200.

So our on-premise sync tool sits between Zahara and Sage 200. It connects to Sage through the API and can keep Zahara updated with new suppliers and any new nominal, departments or cost codes.

You can record and match invoices in Zahara and when literally green-lighted, can export them to Sage 200. Just drop our export file in a designated watch folder and our Sage 200 SmartSync tool will import your invoices into Sage. This means all invoices in Sage 200 are more than likely approved so therefore ready to be paid by their due date.

You can also take advantage of our range of OCR tools to get supplier invoices loaded or scanned and straight into Zahara for approval and posting to Sage. Our built-in Invoice Express allows invoices to be emailed into Zahara and then easily read and processed before being routed out for approval and then on into Sage automatically.

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Advanced invoice approvals….

One of the great values of Zahara is the ability to collate invoices more easily and to get the month end figures out faster. With virtual hands-free processing of suppler invoices and control on buying, the bottom line will also see the benefit of a Zahara deployment.

Invoice Approval Workflow Image 2

Better Invoice Approvals for Sage 200

Invoice Approval Workflow Image 2

Our key features are:

Purchase Orders

Know your costs before you commit to spending.

Deliveries & Receipting

Full audit trail so you have total visibility of what’s been delivered and receipted.

Approval Workflows

Infinitely customisable workflows so you can be ready for every scenario.

AI Invoice Processing

Pay your invoices 9 times faster using our specialised OCR.

Supplier Payments

Make secure payments in-app to avoid the faff of online banking.

Reporting & Analytics

With a complete audit trail and GRNs you’ll know if there are any hold ups.
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Invoice Approval Workflow Image 2

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