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Zahara Makes Sage Better

Sage 50 is all about the P&L and Balance sheet. Where would you be without it? But when it comes to controlling buying or getting invoices approved faster, Zahara is the perfect add-on. We have spent years listening to what Sage 50 users need, and have a solution for purchase ordering, approvals and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing, all linked up into one seamless system.

Integrated & Connected

With Sage being on your PC and Zahara being in the cloud, we had to design a way of integrating your Sage 50 with the cloud. Zahara is great because everyone you need can have an account and login from any device at any time.

Our clever bit is a tool called SmartSync that sits on your PC or network monitoring activity from Zahara and our SmartInvoice OCR software. We can keep everything in Sync – Suppliers, Chart of Accounts, Tax Codes, Departments etc. We can also post invoices into Sage from Zahara or straight from the intelligent OCR software. Importantly, we understand that everyone uses Sage differently. We, therefore, don’t try and change the way you work. We aim to make it better, faster and easier for you.

Designed with Sage in Mind

    Zahara – designed with Sage in mind

    • Cloud-based so anyone can use it
    • Zahara – Nothing to install
    • Purchase Ordering with flexible approvals
    • Invoice matching & processing using OCR
    • Flexible invoice approvals
    • Spend analysis, exception handling and reporting
    • Future proofing your business with new features released monthly
    • Full integration with Sage 50 using SmartSync

Better buying starts with Zahara …

Your staff can have a Zahara account and place purchase requests. These can be approved by email and the purchase order sent onto the supplier. Deliveries can then be easily receipted. Once the invoice is received into Zahara, the invoice can be matched, approved and then exported into Sage 50. It is only the Invoice we pass to Sage.


How it works – Finance team

The finance team have an immediate visual of all spend as it’s being made – even at trade counters using the Zahara app. Invoice processing becomes faster and easier – invoices can be emailed directly into Zahara. There will be invoices in Zahara but not in Sage 50 but that’s ok, because you can run off reports at month end for accruals.


Projects and Jobs

Sage 50 is used widely in job centric businesses like construction. Zahara’s projects can be used for the allocation of spend for your different jobs. You can create project budgets with granularity like materials, labour, and hire. Whatever you need, you can set expected spend up front and get alerted when the buyers start spending close or over the Budget limit.


How it works – coding

Zahara was designed with Sage in mind. We have all the coding you need to create invoices in Sage exactly the way you need them. We have Projects and Cost Codes and we have Divisions that can map to Departments. In fact, with our SmartSync tool you can create whatever mappings you like. If you love our Projects but don’t have the Projects module in Sage, no problem. Just map our Project code to the Sage department ID. We know Sage 50 inside out and know all the different ways people use it.


How it works – Not for Profits

We also have a handler for ‘Not for Profits’ where you can buy true and specify the VAT. When it comes to exporting the invoice, we can “Gross Up” which is our way of converting the invoice to include VAT with the specified T9 tax code.


Mobile Buying

With Zahara’s mobile app, your buyers can buy out in the field. We have a neat solution for trade-counter purchases as well. They can generate a PO number and then photograph the collection note, so Finance have an immediate visual of expected invoices. You can also have your teams receipt deliveries easily by photographing the GRN.

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