Zahara Integrations

ERP & Other Accounts Systems

When using Zahara, the vendors invoice is the element we hand over to your finance system. The picture below shows the way Zahara is typically used. You can stop at Purchase Orders. You can optionally use or not use the GRN element. It may be you are coming to us for full-features invoice automation. The question then is how do we get the invoice data from Zahara into your finance system. The answer is by keeping it simple and that usually means a CSV file.

  • Easily record invoices in Zahara and match with Zahara orders
  • Create multi-step approval processes
  • Fast Ad-Hoc invoice approvals
  • Approve by email or Zahara’s dashboard
  • See who’s the fastest and slowest approvers
  • Export invoices to CSV and import into the ERP
  • Use our SmartSync+ tool to automate the importing



    SmartSync+ is a server tool that installs locally on your network and keeps in sync with Zahara. All of the invoice data is downloaded to a local SQL database. You can set to upload data into Zahara – suppliers, coding, order – or you can set to download data from Zahara

    This means the key data you need is now on your local network – accessible for things like PowerBI reporting or for automated invoice polling. Just talk to our pre-sales team to find our what’s possible

So why would you use Zahara when you have a full featured ERP system?

  • 1. Costs – Zahara will be less expensive to deploy – have you seen our pricing?
  • 2. Speed – No time wasted with expensive consultants – deploy in weeks not months
  • 3. Radar – Or under it. Get your department up and running without the process prevention team getting involved 🙂
  • 4. Simplicity – Perhaps you don’t need complication – we have what you want and need? Well, let’s get you set up then

Better buying starts with Zahara …

Your staff can have a Zahara account and place purchase requests. These can be approved by email and the purchase order sent onto the supplier. Deliveries can then be easily receipted. Once the invoice is received into Zahara, the invoice can be matched, approved and then exported into Access. It is only the Invoice was pass over to your existing ERP.


How it works – Finance team

The finance team have an immediate visual of all spend as its being made – even at trade counters using the Zahara app. Invoice processing becomes faster and easier – invoices can be emailed directly into Zahara. There will be invoices in Zahara but not in the ERP but that’s ok because you can run off reports at month end for accruals.


Order importing

Perhaps you are already raising orders in your ERP. Our SmartSync tool can feed Zahara with orders created here, perhaps merging them in with Zahara’s more service-based orders. Either way, when it comes to invoice recording, we can match against both sets of orders.


How it works – Not for Profits

We have numerous customers in the Not for Profit space using various accounts systems. Some we will integrate with already, but we add a lot of value including audit trails behind every purchase – always useful with trustees and of course a full-featured accounts payable automation feature set.


Mobile App

With Zahara’s mobile app, your buyers can buy out in the field. We have a neat solution for trade-counter purchases as well. They can generate a PO number and then photograph the collection note, so Finance have an immediate visual of expected invoices. You can also have your teams receipt deliveries easily photographing the GRN. Approvers can do all of their full-featured approvals on the app as well.

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