We have an invoice export routine for Zahara. This mans you can use all of Zahara’s functionality and import Zahara’s approved invoice into Twinfield.

Reminding you of Zahara’s feature set, all Sage Intacct users could benefit from:

  • Sophisticated multi-condition approval workflows for purchase requests
  • Sophisticated multi-condition approval workflows for invoices
  • Advanced accurate recognition of invoices including line items
  • Simple staff expenses
  • Purchase controls with Budgets and Project
  • Advanced user permissions for a complete company wide roll-out
"You can setup yourself, or let us do everything for you."


    • Email invoices into Zahara
    • Invoices read accurately within 30 seconds
    • Full line-item recognition
    • Purchase Order number matching with order balance shown
    • GRN status available for approvals
    • Multi-currency, multi-business unit
    • AutoPilot straight through processing for trusted suppliers

Watch this explainer video to see how Zahara works

Zahara has a great mobile app for
Orders, Approvals, GRN & Expenses

Zahara starts at $45 a month for 5 users including
100 scanned invoices

Purchase Requisition

Spend requests can be put into approvals workflows that then generate and send purchase orders.

Invoice Processing

Invoices can be received, read and routed our for approval so vendors can be paid on time with less effort


Analysing spend helps reveal wastage and improve bottom line. Zahara shows you who's spending your money

Ready to improve your
Approval Workflow?

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