create multi-step approval workflows

Multi-step approvals

  • Flexible rules-based approval conditions
  • Have multiple people approve sequentially
  • Send documents to a group - first ones approves
  • Have invoices or orders coded as part of the workflow
  • Approve by email, mobile or desktop

Zahara's key strength is the ability to create simple or incredibly sophisticated approval workflows in minutes. We have a range of conditions and rules that can be applied to each step to engage the right people in your organisation.

Approval workflows can be created for purchase orders (requests to buy that can be turned into purchase orders) and vendor invoices. The workflows can engage users for an approve / reject outcome but also to include steps such as sending a PO to a vendor or exporting an invoice into a finance system.

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Buy Better. Buy Smarter.

When Approval workflows are used for purchase requests, Accounts Payable Automation can be facilitated more easily. When fully-embraced and purchase orders are used, the validation or authorisation is front-end loaded. This means purchases are approved and coded accurately before the vendor delivers. When their invoice arrives, it can be expedited through to your finance system for a vendor payment run.

  • Multi-step approvals to engage the right personnel
  • Approval reminders Keep colleagues engaged
  • Send PO's to vendors automatically or conditionally
  • Easily code or mark-up approval requests
  • Every action is recorded with a full audit-trail

AP Automation without the hassle

Every organisation has a process for paying their vendors. Zahara is designed to take this to the next level and to turbo charge the process without the friction. We can read the invoices and process them in seconds but more importantly we can use our rules to determine which invoices need to go for approval and which ones are pre-approved and ready to pay. Approved invoice can be exported to the finance system and queried invoices can be held back and accrued.

  • Invoice approvals by email, dashboard or mobile app
  • Only approve purchase order exceptions
  • Use Zahara's rules and logic for automated routing
  • Force the coding of invoices by approvers
  • Route separate line items to different approvers
  • Clearly see whats approved or waiting
  • Export invoices automatically to accounts on approval - see our integrations
invoice authorisation workflow

Zahara Workflow Features


Workflow Steps

  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Invoice Approval
  • Group Approvals
  • Export Invoices
  • Send Purchase Order to a vendor
  • Hold invoice for GRN
  • Export Document to FileDirector
  • Change a Field Value
  • Convert order to Invoice

Workflow Conditions

  • Value of the document (excluding tax)
  • Value of the document (including tax)
  • vendor Name
  • vendor Type
  • Document Originator
  • Custom Field Value
  • Project Code
  • Order invoice difference
  • Invoice exceeds order
  • Budget Status
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Purchase Orders

Control costs with Purchase Orders. Buy whats approved.

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Multi-step approval workflows mean all spend is authorised

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Faster approved vendor
payments with less friction

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Invoice Processing

Faster invoice processing. No needles data entry.


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