Multi-step Approvals

Zahara's key strength is the ability to create simple or incredibly sophisticated approval workflows in minutes. We have a range of conditions and rules that can be applied to each step to engage the right people in your organisation.

Approval workflows can be created for purchase orders (requests to buy that can be turned into purchase orders) and vendor invoices. The workflows can engage users for an approve / reject outcome but also to include steps such as sending a PO to a vendor or exporting an invoice into a finance system.

  • Flexible rules-based approval conditions
  • Have multiple people approve sequentially
  • Send documents to a group - first ones approves
  • Have invoices or orders coded as part of the workflow
  • Approve by email, mobile or desktop
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Benefits of our Approval Software


Save money using control and process

As an organisation increases in size, there is a need to add more control on company spend. Making sure your buyers are buying from the right vendors at the right price. You can achieve this easily when you introduce purchase requisition workflows. Managers can easily approve or reject spend requests and business leaders can have a complete visibility of all spend not yet showing on the Purchase Ledger.

Buy Better. Buy Smarter.

When Approval workflows are used for purchase requests, Accounts Payable Automation can be facilitated more easily. When fully-embraced and purchase orders are used, the validation or authorisation is front-end loaded. This means purchases are approved and coded accurately before the vendor delivers. When their invoice arrives, it can be expedited through to your finance system for a vendor payment run.

  • Multi-step approvals to engage the right personnel
  • Approval reminders Keep colleagues engaged
  • Send PO's to vendors automatically or conditionally
  • Easily code or mark-up approval requests
  • Every action is recorded with a full audit-trail
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Features of our Approval Software


Workflow Steps

  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Invoice Approval
  • Group Approvals
  • Export Invoices
  • Send Purchase Order to a vendor
  • Hold invoice for GRN
  • Export Document to FileDirector
  • Change a Field Value
  • Convert order to Invoice

Workflow Conditions

  • Value of the document (excluding tax)
  • Value of the document (including tax)
  • vendor Name
  • vendor Type
  • Document Originator
  • Custom Field Value
  • Project Code
  • Order invoice difference
  • Invoice exceeds order
  • Budget Status
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Multi-Step Approvals FAQs

Can I use multi-step approvals for invoices?

Yes that's one of the key uses of Zahara's multi-step approval workflows.

How do requisitions work?

The buyer creates a purchase request. This can be attached to a multi-step workflow. The outcome from this could be approval in which case a purchase order could be sent to the supplier. You have a choice of using the original requisition number or a new second sequential number purely for the Purchase Order.

Can an invoice be exported after approval?

Yes, invoices can be exported into any of the finance systems we integrate with like Xero and QuickBooks Online.

What does multi-step mean?

Approval workflows can involve more than one approver. This is what we mean by multi-step. Perhaps a department head approves and then a general manager and then a director. But perhaps we only involve these additional people under certain conditions - like the price being above a price.

Does everyone need to approve all the time

No. Using our conditions we can go straight to one person if we want to skipping others.

Can a group of people approve?

We support group approvals where one person from a group can approve with a few options on how we select the right person.

What happens when people are away?

If an approver is on vacation, they can set their away status and nominate a delegate. Alternatively an admin can select the delegate for them in the admin area. Then the delegate will be asked to approve and receive their tasks.

Can I approve by email only?

Yes. We put approve and reject buttons in the email.

Can I approve on the Mobile app?

Yes. The mobile app allows approvals of purchases and invoices and displays line item details.

Do I get approval reminders?

Yes you can set to send an approval reminder email on a schedule to suit - i.e.. daily at 8am.

Can we easily see the status of an approval?

Yes very easily. We have two key lists - invoices and orders and you can see from these the approval status

Do I get training?

For approvals? You won't need it. It's very easy. We never overwhelm a user.

Can I report on how many items are waiting for approval?

You sure can. Our reporting section can be used by authorised users to run off a list of things awaiting approval.

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