Zahara automated budgets, requisitions, orders & invoices

Zahara has teamed up with Intsys UK to integrate Opera 3 and Opera SE with Zahara’s Cloud Purchase Management software. Now, for the first time Opera users can easily raise orders and carry out invoice approvals by email, create automatic invoice approval triggers as well as automate invoice processing and matching them with orders.

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Add control of your spend to Opera 3/SE

Whatever you buy, Zahara makes the buying process better. Purchase requests can be pre-approved and budgets can control spend. Dashboards give you a visual on what’s on order, what’s delivered and what’s waiting for approval. You can record supplier invoices and save the PDF’s. You can match invoices to PO’s and then import transactions into your accounts system. It’s fast to setup and fast to learn. Your employees will find it intuitive and helpful. Zahara makes Opera 3 and Opera SE a full purchase to pay solution.

It is all about approvals

When colleagues need to buy they can raise a request and track its progress through the flexible, multi-layered approvals process you create. Purchase requests become purchase orders and corresponding invoices can be matched with exceptions being sent for approval when thresholds are breached. Invoices without PO’s can be routed to the right department and people for approval. The AP and Finance team will have more control and higher visibility of spend, enabling them to pay vendors faster.

Built-in spend analytics

With Spend Analytics, you have a number of powerful features to help you understand the costs in your business. When purchase requests and invoices are recorded in Zahara, you will have accessible data for analysis that will provide the answers you need. You will have access to built-in reports using Microsoft BI. ll your data can be downloaded for individual querying and reporting.

Create sophisticated approvals

Zahara’s approvals have numerous conditions to help you create the perfect workflow.

Over-budget approvals
Price conditions - spend limits
Vendor or vendor type conditions
Custom field values eg Opex / Capex / Real Estate
Order / Invoice difference threshold

Automate invoice processing

Intelligently recognising and matching supplier invoices to your orders.

Scan paper invoices
Load emailed invoices - PDFs
Recognise all information inteligently
Self-learning - just click to correct the recognition
Match an order & see the % match
Option for no line-items
Split and allocate the invoice
European & UK VAT
Export invoices & PDFs to Zahara
Save PDFs locally
Save PDFs to FileDirector fully indexed