Purchase Requisition

Make sure all purchases follow an agreed workflow with Zahara
With Zahara, every spend request can be created quickly and easily. Requests can be approved or automatically routed to the supplier as Purchase Order. Zahara’s sophistication is the approval workflows and the numerous conditions that can be used to determine whether a request needs to be authorised.

Multi-step approval workflows

Using Zahara’s conditions, you can create multi-step approval workflows that involve different managers under different conditions. It could be a purchase exceeds a budget or the value requires authorisation from the CFO. Whatever you need, you can specify it and create the perfect approval process in minutes. You can also send email, change field values and send purchase orders to vendors.

The approval process is then a complete workflow with an audit trail behind every request.

Approve by email

By design, approvers can click a link in their email to approve or reject a purchase request. You can set out what to show the approver, including budget performance and set reminders to make sure approvers take action in a timely manner. There is even a top approvers leaders-board to add gamification into the mix. The mobile app and approvers dashboard are also there to make for a more efficient process.


Audit Trail & Metrics

Most organisations report to a higher authority – trustees, investors or shareholders. Zahara provides a complete audit trail behind every purchase anticipating the question “who agreed to that?”.

You can also report on spend looking for exceptions. Spend can be grouped by Department or Project with usual finance system analysis like GL codes and Cost Centres. Line items can be exported to Excel for further off-line analysis. You can also download your purchase data into a local database using our on-premise tool, SmartSync+

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