control spend with budgets

Purchase Requisition System

  • Fast to setup, easy to use
  • Flexible purchase approval workflows
  • Budgets and Projects add better control
  • Receipt deliveries
  • Report on spend
If your organisation requires more control on your spend, having colleagues place purchase requests in our easy to use cloud-based software will enable spend control and provide a complete visibility of your commitments. You don't need to send purchase orders to your vendors that's an additional step - but if your culture supports it, you can use purchase requisition approval workflows to make sure employees are buying from approved vendors with the best pricing.


Multi-step approval workflows

Using Zahara's conditions, you can create multi-step approval workflows that involve different managers under different conditions. It could be a purchase exceeds a budget or the value requires authorisation from the CFO. Whatever you need, you can specify it and create the perfect approval process in minutes. You can also send emails, change field values and send purchase orders to vendors. The approval process is then a complete workflow with an audit trail behind every request. Approvers can approve by email, from the mobile app or from a central dashboard.

Staff Expenses as well

Zahara's mobile app allows staff to record expense requests. These can be held on the phone until ready for approval. Each line-item can have an individual receipt added either as a photograph or a PDF. Once submitted expenses can be routed into separate approval workflows and then processed faster for easier payment.
expenses approval workflow
vendor management approvals

Supplier Management & Inventory

Good buying means good suppliermanagement. Not only will your AP team want to pay your suppliers on time, you will want to make sure your buyers are purchasing from the correct suppliers at the correct price. Zahara's suppliermodule allows you to do all of this.

You can easily email all or selected suppliers from within Zahara - requests for pricing are very easy. In addition our import module allows you to keep updating product lists so you have up to date pricing. You can also be alerted in Microsoft Teams when a new supplier is created so the finance team can undertake usual diligence checks.

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Invoice Processing

Create spending transparency with real-time approval workflows that save you time whilst generating and sending purchase orders to suppliers

Spend analytics

With Zahara's line-item detail, you can analyse your spend items to evaluate cost-savings opportunities and to improve bottom-line profit.


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