Zahara - A dedicated accounts payables approval platform for QuickBooks Online

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Faster & Better Invoice Approvals

  • Easily record invoices in Zahara and match with Zahara orders
  • Create multi-step approval processes
  • Fast Ad-Hoc invoice approvals
  • Approve by email or Zahara's dashboard
  • See who’s the fastest and slowest approvers
  • Automatically post approved invoices into Quickbooks Online
  • Affordable monthly or annual subscription
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Better buying with Purchase Orders

  • All your staff can login to Zahara
  • Multi-step approval processes
  • Convert requisitions into purchase orders
  • Automate sending the PO to your suppliers
  • Create departmental budgets
  • Approve by email on-the-go
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Zahara customers include …

Why use Zahara?

Zahara is perfect for indirect costs. For the multi-site organisation or those running numerous projects at the same time. For us, it’s not about stock and raw materials. It’s for those organisations like hospitality, leisure groups, care home groups, schools, restaurant chains, construction and electrical. We think we have a great solution that's difficult to better in terms of functionality and depth of understanding of the buying process. As a QuickBooks Online user, you will find Zahara easy to use and the setup process is drama free, and easy to sync with QuickBooks.
As a QuickBooks Online user you can add automation and control to your buying. Your teams can raise purchase requests that, once approved, convert to Purchase Orders and get sent onto suppliers. You can receipt the delivery, record the invoice easily and match against the order. Any exceptions can also be sent out for approval. Then the supplier's invoice can be pushed over to QuickBooks Online automatically where you can pay it in the usual way. Every step of the way there are controls and thought to make the buying process more secure with increased visibility.
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Advanced invoice automation with SmartInvoice

  • SmartInvoice - Desktop Windows Software
  • Scan or load supplier email PDF's
  • Incredible first-time accuracy reading values
  • Read & code line items, or manually split
  • Match against Zahara Purchase Orders
  • Export orders to Zahara and have them route for approval automatically
  • Automatically export to QuickBooks Online on approval with the PDF
  • Save countless hours on keying in each month
  • Be up and running in no time


Cloud-based Purchasing Management

QuickBooks Online & Zahara make buying better. Get started today

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