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Purchase Orders for SMEs

Purchase Orders for SMEs: A Quick Guide

It’s no secret that running a small business comes with its fair share of challenges, with managing finances being a top concern. Many business owners end up managing their own finances out of neces…

Purchase Requisitions vs Purchase Orders

What is the difference between a Purchase Requisition and a Purchase Order?  A purchase requisition (PR) is a request. The request to buy something for the organisation and that request will likel…

The Controversy Behind Budgets

By Guest Author: Heather Smith Budgeting and cost control can be useful business tools when used properly, but if used arbitrarily, there are practitioners that believe you might be wasting your time…

8 Reasons to Kill Off Purchase Invoices

RIP Purchase Invoices Isn’t it astonishing that the biggest problems in accounts payables occurs before the purchase invoice even arrives with the AP team. But the resultant invoice can tie the t…

Stop Approving Supplier Invoices!

If you’re having to check every supplier invoice is ok to pay - your process is broken.   When a supplier submits their invoice, they will typically have fulfilled their part of the contract,…

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Dummy’s Guide to Documents

At Zahara we want to help our customers as much as possible. so we have created this handy guide to different document types. It will cover Purchase Orders, Invoices, Purchase Requisition, etc. This…

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