Zahara Support

Our Zahara support team are there when
things don’t quite go to plan.
They may need to see whats happening
to better understand how they can help.
To this end, Zahara utilises the following
remote access solutions:

  • Zoom
  • Teams
  • Teamviewer


Help us, help you

If you are unsure of a particular feature or function, or when something seems not quite right, we recommend checking our knowledgebase first. This is available directly from within Zahara via the question mark in the top right corner. There are a load of articles and videos available that can answer your query or concern. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, we’d ask that you raise a support ticket via the “Still can’t find an answer?” section at the bottom of the knowledgebase.
Providing as much information as you can when raising a ticket will definitely reduce the time to get to the bottom of your concern, so please add any relevant screenshots, etc., that you have. If the team require more information, they may ask to remotely access your system and run through the issue with you. If that’s the case, they will use one of the listed methods above to get access. If Teamviewer is needed, the quick support and host versions are available below.


Teamviewer Quick Support

Quick Support
For general Zahara support, our team will use Teamviewers QuickSupport version to temporalily access your device and run through the issue with you. To give us access, select the Teamviewer QuickSupport option to download. Once up and running, Teamviewer will provide you with an ID and Password to access your device; we simply need these to hop on. When complete, close the app, and our access to your device will be disconnected.


Teamviewer Host

Server Host
For more advanced/unattended support, our team will ask for Teamviewers Host version to be installed. Typically installed on servers, Host will allow the team to hop on and off as and when needed.To give us access, select the Teamviewer Host option to download. This version will need to be installed and a password set. The team will also require a dedicated Windows user to be created or similar credientials provided. When no longer needed, simply uninstall the application to remove our access to the server.