Zahara adds complete purchase management to your Xero accounts


Xero is a great accounts system. We use it ourselves as do 1 million other users worldwide.

When it comes to buying you have Bills and Purchase Orders, but for most people, including us, that doesn’t cover the approval process and the requisition stage of a purchase. That’s where Zahara started – by making the buying process better.

We have now added on OCR invoice processing with our SmartInvoice OCR technology and created a complete purchasing suite with customised invoice approvals. This makes buying better. And with our Xero integration, it means we have a seamless two-way sync between Zahara and Xero and you can be up and running in a few minutes.

Now with Zahara, you can raise purchase requests, get them approved and send the PO to the supplier automatically.

When the Order has been delivered you can record the GRN and take a photo and upload the delivery note.

When the supplier’s invoice comes in, you can upload it into Zahara – either manually or using our Windows SmartInvoice OCR Technology, match it against the order and then automatically post it into Xero, fully coded. This will give you more control of the buying process and adds enterprise-class features to your Xero accounts.

Zahara makes Xero better …

      • Purchase Ordering with custom approval process
      • Supplier acceptance – option to make suppliers digitally sign your orders & schedules
      • GRN process to record what’s delivered and what’s missing
      • Invoice matching & processing using Smart OCR
      • Invoice approvals – get approvers to code the invoice as well
      • Spend analysis, excpetion handling and reporting
      • Future proofing your business with new features released monthly
      • Full sync for Account codes, Tracks, Suppliers & Tax Codes
      • Automatic posting of Bills from Zahara into Xero

Just got here from Xero?

Watch the overview video below to see what Zahara is all about