Zahara Security

  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Zahara Systems Ltd are Cyber Essentials Plus certified
  • All order & invoice line data can be download to a local database
  • All stored documents can be returned if you leave Zahara
  • Two factor authentication
  • Single sign-on with Microsoft & Google
  • Password lockouts on failed attempts
  • Password complexity requirements
Secure data

Start with a great platform

There are four main cloud-based platforms in the world. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google & AliBaba. We have chosen to use Microsoft Azure as our code and database are heavily reliant on Microsoft’s platform. Microsoft has been one of the pioneers of computing over the last 35 years and they go from strength to strength with their new hosted model.
What we look for in a cloud provider is reliability and security. We operate Zahara safe in the knowledge that the platform it sits on is protected. It’s a great base layer. It’s then down to us to make sure our own boundary is secure and having Cyber Essentials Plus certification helps us operate to a high standard. We then protect our clients’ data as best we can with two factor authentication, being an example of a new standard of protection that everyone is now offering or planning to offer.

Our Annual Audit

Every year we have to re-apply for our integration with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online. Intuit run robest tests, similar to a penetration test – and check for any vulnerabilities in our code or any ways of accessing their customer’s data. We have passed every year. In addition we pay for a penetration test where a specialist company check for any vulnerabilities. Any vulnerabilities are then duscussed and plugged.

Backup of Data

Backup data
Zahara’s data is in constant backup. The databases are mirrored in different UK datacentres so if one fails the other is available. Backups of these database are then created every 15 minutes so we have the ability to go back in time and extract data in the event of a corruption. All backup databases are encrypted. All of the documents you save in Zahara are stored in Azure storage. Microsoft Azure perform distributed backups so they are always made available to us.

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