Zahara has been made with integration in mind. We wanted Zahara to be able to work with many different accounts or ERP system, so a Zahara user can benefit from having a truly integrated paper-less office and more controlled spend with better visibility. We have made provisions for any accounts system to integrate with Zahara, and have connectors for some of the most popular systems. Including: Quickbooks, QuickBooks Online, Sage 50, Sage 200 & Xero. With our API and on-premise tools, any system can talk to Zahara, whether that be syncing suppliers and coding or posting invoices from Zahara to the ERP.

Sage 50

We have a great sync tools for Sage 50 which means we can import all of your suppliers, nominals, departments, projects and cost centres straight into Zahara PO system. SmartSync is available to trial at any time, and can auto-post supplier invoices directly back into Sage 50 once approved in Zahara. Get the details


Sage 200

We also have a sync tools for Sage 200 which means we can import all of your suppliers, nominals, departments, projects and cost centres straight into Zahara. Same as above, this is a desktop tool that can run on a PC or server to keep Zahara synced with your Sage 200 system. This is only available to paying customers.



We provide a Bill export IIF file. This means you can record and file supplier invoices in Zahara and match them against any raised orders. You can then import a list of Bills into QuickBooks using our pre-formatted IIF file. You can also import suppliers, products and chart of accounts using CSV files so staging data from Quickbooks is quick and easy. We are planning a Quickbooks cloud integration in Q3 2017.



Our Xero integration allows you to instantly pull in all your suppliers, accounts codes, cost codes (tracks) and your tax codes straight into Zahara. Most importantly, you can also post your invoices from Zahara straight back to Xero fully approved. You get better buying with Zahara and Xero fused together.


Pegasus Opera 3

This integration is pioneered by one of our partner. To find out more- Click Here.



Zahara has an export routine for Exchequer that works alongside the PostTrans XL importer addon.


ERP Systems

Zahara can integrate with ERP systems using our on-premise tool SmartSync+. You can drop data files that SmartSync can consume – like vendors and coding. We will drop data files with invoice payloads that you can then import into your system.



You can sync Zahara with MYOB AccountRight. Our integration allows you to use Zahara’s purchase and invoice approvals as well as the amazing Invoice Express. Connect up and expand your accounts system functionality.

More Coming Soon

Cloud-based Purchasing Management

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