Event driven integrations with Microsoft Flow & Zapier

Zapier & Flow allow fast and easy integrations with numerous applications.

These integrations are event driven. This could be a new vendor being recorded in Zahara or in a supported accounts or CRM system. It could be a new purchase order created or invoice recorded in Zahara that you want to record in SalesForce. All you need to do is create a Zap in Zapier or the equivalent in Microsoft Flow that listens for events and then instantly connect the data together. Zapier &Flowa are easy to use, and often Free to start with (some integrations require a paid for account). This integration opens up numerous possibilities for supporting cloud-based applications.

Read the article on how to connect to Zahara’s Invoice Inbox here

Some of the connections you can create with Zahara

  • Monitor your Office 365 / Gmail account and record draft supplier invoices in Zahara's Invoice Inbox
  • Record new purchase orders against a supplier in SalesForce
  • Record a new invoice against a supplier in SalesForce
  • Send a Slack message when a document is approved
  • Create integrations with Zoho CRM
  • Create integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Zapier & Zahara allow integrations with CRM, Accounts & Email

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