Spend Analytics & Reporting

Know the how and who of your organisational spend

Zahara's reporting will help get the month-end figures done faster

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With better insights into organisational spend, zahara is good for the bottom line as well. Drill-down into line level analysis so you can pivot costs. With our reporting API you can connect to your data as well from apps like Excel, PowerBI or Tableau.

  • Budget progress reports
  • Line-item spend analysis
  • Month-end accruals
  • Custom reports
  • Connect using PowerBI / Power Query
  • Full off-line reporting API
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Built-in spend analytics & BI

By centralising your businesses buying with Zahara, our advanced reporting allows you not only to see where you are spending money but, more importantly, where you can save money. This is because Zahara aims to add controlled transparency by showing a clear history of invoices and purchase orders, letting you analyse spending down to the line item level.

You can also connect to your Zahara data in your favourite BI app like Microsoft PowerBi / Fabric. Order, Invoice and Line Items are snapshotted every da so you can connect and create any reports you like. This often means your accruals figure is always there for you.

Project Spend Analysis & Budgets

>With your quote accepted, the project kicks off and now it's all down to controlling the costs. Zahara provides real-time reporting of project spend. You can report on project progress against granular budgets to make sure your projects perform profitably.

Our budgets allow you to create departmental or project budgets so you can set spend limits for line-item level items. This means projects can be monitored better and alerts created when spend your teams are spending too much too quickly.

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Reporting FAQs

What reports can I run?

We have a number of different reports that can be run at any time as well as some key metrics that are there with your real-time position. Line items from both invoices and orders are available together with differences between the two.

Can I connect to my data in PowerBI?

Yes you can. Here is a help article that explains this.

What format are the reports?

Excel or CSV.

Will I be able to make accruals easily?

Yes. You will be able to see the difference in value between any order yu raised in Zahara and the invoices received against them. In addition there are also reports on what invoices are still in an approval state and not yet exported to the finance system.

Can I control who can access reporting?

Yes. Reporting is a separate permission tat you can assign to users.

Will department heads be able to see their budgets?

Yes. They can have access to their own Division and budget reporting will be displayed here as well.

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