Zahara gets you back
in control of spend

Zahara helps control costs through multi-step approval workflows, and allows you to pay your bills faster and be more finance efficient with our advanced AP Automation tools.

Hands Free Invoice Automation

Zahara helps the finance team process vendor invoices faster. With nothing to install, you can be up and running quickly, automating the entire AP process doing away with paper forever.

Invoices can be emailed into Zahara, where they are processed and read automatically. They can then be routed out for approval - automatically - using pre-set rules, matched against purchase orders or exported into your finance system.

This is straight-through-processing and it's built right into Zahara for easy everyday use.

Powerful alone,
even better
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Enabling the mobile workforce

Your colleagues are no longer tethered to their desks as they WFH, on the road or on-site.

Zahara enables modern working practices. Our mobile app allows orders to be raised and receipted, and approvers can easily work through their tasks in one place. Colleagues can also record work expenses, adding receipts to each line request before submitting for approval.

Being cloud-based all users can access Zahara from any device with layered security built-in.

advanced PO approvals

Purchase Orders

Spend requests can go into approvals workflows that generate and send purchase orders. This gives Finance an immediate visual of all expected spend and allows AP automation when the expected invoice arrives. This saves time and adds clarity.

Invoice Processing

Never key an invoice again. Without any software being installed, Invoices can be received, read and routed for approval so suppliers can be paid on time with less effort. Approvals can happen in hours not days with reminders and tracking providing the audit trail Finance need.
Advanced spend analytics


Analysing spend helps reveal wastage and improves bottom line profit. Zahara shows who's spending your money and allows finance teams to accrue and report faster at month-end. You can also model all of Zahara's data in PowerBI or PowerQuery using the reporting API.

Recent Zahara clients testimonials

US Oil Field company manage all costs with Zahara.

“The approval processes and designated workflows are great. I like that the business can have its own divisions, that’s a big plus.” – Financial Controller at Aesthetx

Calbright College gained visibility and control over costs using Zahara. 

Approve on the go and be truly mobile with Zahara