Customer Story: iLiffe Media
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We are really pleased with Zahara. It’s made life much easier and our invoice process is far more efficient now.

Sarah Jenkins, Management Accountant

The invoice approval process was onerous, involving forwarding each invoice to the person who ordered the supplies, checking whether they had received the goods or service, that the price was as expected and that they were happy for it to be paid. They then responded and the subsequent invoice was passed over to a director for a further check. The process was slow, to say the least, and this was before it went over to the AP team to be keyed into OpenAccounts. iLiffe Media knew there had to be a better way.

Industry: Media & Publishing
Finance System: Sage 50
Started Using Zahara: February 2020


Iliffe Media Group and its associated media brands deliver trusted news, information and entertainment to millions of people across 11 counties in South East England, the East of England, East Anglia and the Midlands.

The Solution

Having evaluated a number of different providers, iLiffe Media were relieved when Zahara confirmed we could upload invoices into their OpenAccounts system. Zahara’s ability to produce invoice data in any format helped convince iLiffe that we were the right company to partner with. Another key part of the decision making was the ability to process invoices faster and here our desktop software SmartInvoice was the go-to choice. It had the ability to work with both paper invoices and emailed PDF’s. When linked with Zahara’s advanced invoice approvals, it was a joined-up solution that has proven very popular with the team at iLiffe

The Benefits

iLiffe liked Zahara so much they decided to change their accounts system and move over to Sage which is a fully integrated system Zahara links to. They found the setup and training provided by Nick Hedley-Harper patient and attentive making sure the finance team were confident users of their new software. The approvers have commented on how easy it is to work with Zahara and with home working forced upon iLiffe in 2020 it’s turned out to be a very good decision.

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