No more paper – Fast invoice approvals were needed quickly

Blueprint Gaming had to act quickly when Lockdown one started. With everyone now working from home, they needed a new paper-free invoice approval process.


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The Task

The world charged dramatically in March 2020. The global pandemic forced everyone to work from home for an unknown period of time. Businesses like certainty and this period of time was one with an unknown outcome. Like most other businesses though, Blueprint Gaming knew they had to adapt and adapt quickly. Their invoice approval process was paper based and change in the past had been ruled out as too difficult or an unnecessary distraction. But this was different, now a new system was needed and needed urgently.


The Solution

Having evaluated three different systems, Zahara was chosen for its user friendly interface and the ability for finance staff to get invoices in and out for approval with minimum effort. Blueprint’s requirements were not demanding though. Invoices in, invoices out for approval, invoices into the finance system.

Zahara ticked all the boxes and the reporting was customised so that an invoice audit trail could be produced each month to confirm the approval of all invoices.

One of the concerns was the approvers taking action and approving electronically. The fact they could approve from their email as well as logging in meant they got instant take up and efficiency.

The Benefit

The finance team were really pleased with the way Zahara was adopted internally. It was easy to setup and get going. Without any training at all, invoice approvals are now faster than before as no one is waiting for someone to come into the office. It’s enabled home working, the original goal, but has also saved on the time spent filing invoices and making invoice lookups as everything is now electronic.

Covid 19 forced a change of behaviour with Blueprint Gaming but this is one change for the better that will not be reverted when normality returns to life and people go back to working in the office.

Zahara has made us more efficient and helped us adapt quickly after the initial Lockdown. This is one change we are pleased with.

Sophie Chester, Finance Manager

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