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Customer Story: SPLICE Software
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Zahara has become crucial in our processes, it’s a secure option for us.

Tara Kelly, CEO SPLICE Software

SPLICE Software struggled with their previous process of storing accounting approvals in an email folder. Emails would get lost in endless trails, it would take too much time to find them and it was becoming messy. This wasn’t good enough for the business that wanted a tight control on spend and to have easy access to their accounts payable records. It also didn’t allow for controlled approvals, which was crucial for SPLICE to keep track of their spend.

Industry: Software
Finance System: QuickBooks Online
Started Using Zahara: February 2018


SPLICE exists to support businesses in the creation of the best communication programs and strategies possible, to ensure your customers stay engaged and that you reach your business goals.

The Solution

The accountant for SPLICE Software recommended Zahara after searching for workflow software for Sage 50. Zahara easily fit into the determined budget they had for finding a replacement system and were quickly setting up their customised workflows. They were thrilled that not much training was needed so they could get set up and started. SPLICE were able to delete their confusing email folders and take their process to the cloud which could be accessed from anywhere. Their customised approval workflows gave them control on spend while the simple search function for invoices made it incredibly easy to find what they needed.

The Benefits

SPLICE Software now have access to fast answers when making decisions in their accounts payable process and much more efficient workflows with no disappearing invoices. Users can access their invoices wherever they are working and can quickly find invoices along with their audit trails. They have a new rule that if an invoice hasn’t been approved in Zahara, they don’t pay it! This shows how the company have gained control and will no longer have to deal with surprise, duplicate or fraudulent invoices. SPLICE describe Zahara as intuitive, easy to use and a secure option for accounts payable automation.

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