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Sage 200 Integration AP Automation
Zahara is the user-friendly add-on for Sage 200 that helps control costs and pay suppliers more easily with less friction. We take the clunk out of your payables process.
  • An audit-trail behind every purchase request
  • Less time keying invoices - more time on analysis
  • Get invoices ready and paid faster
  • Give your team the tools they need to approve and buy
  • Get better at costs control
  • See spend in real-time without delays

If you run Sage 200 for the advanced reporting and capabilities, as opposed to the stock module and manufacturing, then Zahara may well suit you. Our strength is with multi-site organisations or non-stock organisations that wish to distribute buying out to their colleagues with controls and validations on purchasing. Providing the users with a login for Sage would be overly complicated and unnecessary, whereas Zahara can be accessed in a controlled way on any device.

Why Use Zahara?

Real-Time Visibility

View spending in real-time with no time wasted waiting for paper-work.

Purchase Orders

Scrutinise the important purchases and make sure they get approved first. Condition your suppliers to only accept validated purchase requests.

User Friendly

We pride ourselves on keeping Zahara's interface user-friendly to give you the best experience. Anyone who needs access to the system will pick it up in no time.

More Secure

Keep Sage 200 for those who need it, and let the wider team use Zahara for approvals and ordering.

Bespoke Workflows

Create and adapt infinitely customisable multi-step approvals. Choose your own pathways, without any coding or consultancy needed.

OCR Invoice Processing

Incredibly accurate invoice reading without any training. It’s invoice processing in its easiest, but most sophisticated, form yet.

Time Saving

Multiple research institutions, including Ardent Partners, have concluded that companies who automate can process invoices 81% faster than those who don't. With Zahara, we take this a step further. We have made it possible for all four of the key accounts payable components to work smoothly and effectively all in the same app. This both simplifies and hugely speeds up the process, without compromising on functionality or accuracy.

Take Back Control

You can now have control over your costs before you commit to spending. Set strict budgets for particular departments and use multi-step approval workflows to decline, amend, or approve purchase orders. You no longer have to leave your accounts to the mercy of human error. The in-built OCR will automatically read and upload your supplier invoices, you can sit back and watch.


Zahara doesn't become redundant as you grow. You can add more users as your team expands, and the system will be able to handle and process invoices where they would normally overwhelm a standard finance team. By taking care of repetitive tasks like keying in invoices, you will be left with more time for financial strategy and planning so you can be ready for whatever life throws at your business.

Integration Mapping

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  • Companies
  • Departments
  • Suppliers
  • Nominal Codes
  • Projects
  • Project Items
  • Cost Codes
  • Tax Codes
  • Purchase Invoices
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  • 2 way Sync
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  • Business Units
  • Divisions
  • Suppliers
  • Nominal Codes
  • Projects
  • Project Items
  • Cost Codes
  • Tax Codes
  • Invoices
Watch our Sage 200 explainer video to understand how Zahara works.
How does Zahara Sync with Sage 200?

Zahara connects with Sage 200 using our own SmartSync tool. This on-premise tool must be installed on your PC or server that connects with Sage 200. This is then set to poll for new invoices and can sync key information on a schedule. New suppliers can be originated in Zahara and created in Sage 200 at the time of creating the first invoice.

Does Zahara send the PDF of the invoice to Sage 200?
The PDF of the invoice can be placed in Sage 200's folder structure but we can also put a document link into Sage 200 that takes you to the corresponding invoice in Zahara.
What subscriptions of Sage 200 do I need to integrate with Zahara?
Sage 200's API can be enabled for all versions.
How much does it cost to integrate Zahara with Sage 200?
SmartSync is charged as an extra module. The price depends on the number of Companies you have in Sage and how much data will be synced.
Is Zahara Cloud-based?
Yes 100%. Zahara runs in a web browser so anyone can access it from any device. We also have a mobile app available on both IOS and Android and you can control what access user's have on quite a granular level.
Will I need to change the way I work?
Deploying Zahara is an opportunity to sanity check how you benchmark against similar organisations. We have a lot of Sage 200 customers and we have provided great advice to help them process their invoices faster and with less effort. We have a huge amount of settings that enable you to carry on using Sage 200 the way you like. As an example you may use Departments for Projects. That's ok. We have a tick box for that. It could be you like to put invoices on Dispute first. We may show you a better way that's more efficient. If Zahara is one thing (apart from being friendly) - it's flexible.
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