See you at Accountex 2023!

Accountex 2023

Accountex 2023. We’re off to London again!  

2022 was our first year exhibiting at Accountex and we cannot wait for Accountex 2023. The buzz and excitement, the bright colours, all the people we’ll meet. We just can’t wait! 2022 was our first year exhibiting, we learnt a lot, and this year we’ve got even more to talk about...

Launching Payments

Yes, as well as a PO system, with approvals and Invoice capture, Zahara now offers ‘easy to make’ payments too. In as little as three clicks, you can select all your invoices and batch up a payment run ready to go. We’ll be showcasing this and all our other features at Accountex 2023, so be sure to pop by and have a look.

More Support for Accountants

Last year really opened our eyes to the number of accountants who were looking for the latest technology available to help them better support their clients. So far in 2023, Zahara has received considerable interest from Accountants looking for an all-in-one Accounts Payable solution.  Their need to better support their clients is a challenge we are focusing on at Accountex 2023.

See first hand how Zahara plugs into Xero, Sage and QuickBooks

Probably the biggest stands you will see at Accountex below to Sage, Xero and QuickBooks.  Zahara can be plugged into all of them, and more! In fact you’ll find it on both the Xero App Store and the QuickBooks app store too. We’ll be available to demonstrate these connections, so pop on over to have a look.

If you’re visiting Accountex 2023 this year, and you’re looking to automate your AP process, or that of a client, then come and say hi, we’d love to talk about your challenges.


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