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Bitcoin – 5 Reasons Why

Bitcoin - 5 Reasons Why Interest in Bitcoin is at an all-time high right now, as well as the price. A quick search of Bitcoin on Twitter and you will be overwhelmed with arguments for and against t…

8 Steps to Purchasing Success

Good purchasing software can be hugely beneficial for companies looking to save time, save money and bring visibility to their spending. Using purchase orders within your accounts payable process is a…

The Cloud in 2021

Cloud based applications were crucial in 2020. Covid-19 forced business to work remotely if possible, so the demand for cloud based business applications increased massively. Now there is an end in si…

Is Your Browser Grinding You Down?

We recently had a couple of users reporting Zahara being slow, after some investigation it turned out that their browser was the issue. A simple fix in this case, but it took time to work out what the…


5 Benefits of Being Cloud Based

2020 Is a year of change. Businesses are having to adapt to a different style of working, with many needing to be operated remotely. This is where the beauty of cloud based systems really shines t…

Netflix During Lockdown

What Have We Been Watching? When we aren't making incredible AP software, we are watching Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV and all the other streaming services. Let's be honest, there isn't much else to d…

Paperless Office

The Perfect Time to go Paperless?

Time to go Paperless? With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, the government has encouraged people to work from home in a bid to limit the spread of the virus. Working from home isn’t a new conc…

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