Who uses Zahara

Zahara is designed for the multi-site organisation like pub groups, care homes, school groups, nursery school groups or multi-site retail outlets. It also works perfectly for those with multi-concurrent jobs or projects like construction companies or large electrical contractors.
In fact, anyone who authorises the buying for their organisation, but wants more control & more awareness, and would like to know the metrics behind purchasing will love Zahara. They will like the simplicity yet the thought that has gone into this solution. Some of our recent customers include:
  • British Airways Holidays (UK)
  • Gefo (UK)
  • Adelaide Fringe (Australia)
  • Kout Food Group (UK)
  • TTM Healthcare (Ireland)
  • Torrent Oil (US)
  • Rentalworks (US)
  • 4D Pharma (Europe)


What is Zahara


Why Use Zahara?

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