Introducing… Zahara AutoPilot!

Let Zahara AutoPilot take the wheel!

Imagine software that will create an invoice, without you having to press “create"… well we have it! Introducing Zahara AutoPilot. 

Not only can you avoid having to manually type a supplier name, invoice date, item description or price from an invoice with our OCR software, Zahara can now create and export the invoices for you, automation style! 

Zahara AutoPilot, our newest feature has just launched and it’s taking even more of the workload from you. For those suppliers that give you predictable and straightforward invoices every time, set the supplier defaults, email in an invoice and let Zahara do the rest.  Literally within minutes it could be in the inbox of an approver or in your accounting software if you have a direct integration.

How exactly does it work?

All you need to do is mark a supplier as ‘Trusted’, by clicking on the cogs icon in the supplier record and setting your supplier defaults (tax code, nominal code, currency, cost code, division). It really is that simple. When you’ve marked a supplier as Trusted, the invoices will go straight through to be read and then exported. Automation at its best.

Great, tell me more!

It’s like the Tesla of Zahara, doing more of the processing for you and saving you time. This article explains more about how to put AutoPilot into place.

As a small/medium business, receiving hundreds or even thousands of invoices each month and having to process them before sending them for approval can be time-consuming. At Zahara, we are all about finding ways of saving you time. We listened and we delivered, now you can send off invoices from trusted suppliers with just one tick of a box.


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