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Conditional Workflow Coming Soon

New feature added to Zahara - conditional workflow. Will add new functionality to an already great purchase order system.

Long Summer Nights Ending but Winter is Coming

The summer holidays are almost over. For people all across the world, it's that time when we have to swap the swimming trunks for the work shirts. The boss has recently come back from holiday in Spain. In between his time spent sunning and swimming he completely caught up with Game Of Thrones. He now has two new favourite sayings.
  • A Lannister always pays his debts.
  • Qarth the greatest city that ever was or will be. (He's adapted this to Zahara is the greatest Purchase Order Software there ever was or will be!)
These two sayings are very appropriate here at Zahara. A lord of Westeros could control their spend better, so he could then pay his debts on time! We believe if Tyrion had a copy of Zahara, his tenure of the Master of Coin would have been a lot easier.
  • He could have set the condition of how much the King would have been allowed to spend without his approval.
  • Tyrion would have had greater control over Cersei's spend on the manufacturing of Wildfire, and approved the purchase.
  • Tyrion could have decided the budget of the city watch and who could spend it.

Back at the Lab - Creating exciting New features

While the boss was away the team have been cooking something up in the lab which is going to blow everyone away! (Just like Stannis's fleet in the battle of the Blackwater.) The Wizard aka Developer Dan has been working on a big new feature for Zahara, - Conditional Workflow. We've had lots of enquiries about when will this feature be coming to Zahara, but we wanted to make sure it was right and ready.

Zahara the greatest Purchase Order Software there ever was or will be.

So you're asking what is Conditional Workflow? Why is it useful to me? Conditional Workflow allows a Zahara user to set at what conditions approval is needed. If Employee X wants to Buy So much of Product Y which is under the set price he automatically does not need approval. For example: Podrick the Squire can buy a case of wine with no questions asked but if he starts spending money on barrels of wine questions get asked and he would need approval from Tyrion. However, Bronn who is more senior than Podrick can buy cases of wine and new swords without the approval of Tyrion. As his conditional spend limit is higher than Pods. Many Zahara trialists have requested this feature and we are glad to unveil it. We believe it will really improve Zahara as a purchase order system. Coming Soon eta First half of September


Multiple Currencies Added – We want the World to love Zahara like We Do!


Zahara Going Stateside

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