Mobile app update

New Mobile App Update!

New Zahara Mobile App Update

Now with expense submissions on the mobile, a new suppliers module and more.  

Capture and submit expenses for approval

Users can now build and submit expense claims on the go.  Claims can be created with photos and documents added to each line item, allowing users to capture receipts at the point of sale before they get lost. 

  • Build and submit claims on the mobile 
  • Subsistence, mileage, travel, hotels and more 
  • Snap receipts with your phone – no more paper 
  • Approve claims on the mobile  
  • Custom approval workflow   

Whether buying milk for the office, booking a hotel for a business trip, or taking a taxi - you can quickly use the Zahara app to snap the receipt and record your expense. This help article explains more about how the app will work for expenses, but why is it important anyway? Keeping track of staff expenses is imperative for a business with good spend control. Segregating purchases from expenses is vital, and enables improved control and visibility.  Using the Zahara expenses feature could reduce the chance of human error or false claims, which in turn reduce unnecessary loss.

New suppliers module

We’ve been working hard on a consistent look and feel of Zahara ahead of a full Zahara V3 launch in 2022, and we can’t wait to share it with you.  As a taste of what is to come, the Zahara V3 Supplier module has been released early and is now live.  Simply navigate to the ‘Business’ menu and at the bottom you should find the Suppliers (Z3) option.  

The New Zahara UI - Clean, spacious and user friendly, your suppliers list now displays all your headline supplier data clearer then ever.   

New supplier screen – Click ‘Edit’ to the right of any supplier in your list, and find all your supplier information now clearly laid out with a live document summary. 

Active & Trusted suppliers – Click the cog icon on the top right of any supplier page, choose to activate and also trust a supplier.  If a supplier is trusted, spenders can raised a PO much quicker, and documents can be processed with minimal if any policing required.  

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