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The Search For Zahara Partners in Australia

Zahara Going Down Under

The Search For Zahara Partners in Australia.

Zahara is expanding rapidly and we want to grow our presence in the Australian & New Zealand Market. We are currently looking for partners in Australia, who can help us grow and want to grow with us. We want to help Zahara customers across the globe and make cloud accounting easier. However, the time difference between the U.K and Australia is 9 hours, making it difficult to conduct demos.

Zahara a Perfect Fit for Xero & Australia

As you may know Xero is big in both Australia and New Zealand. If you didn't we wrote an article about them recently. According to a report Xero produced last year (read here), there are 250,000 Xero users in Australia and another 138,000 in New Zealand. We are also now pleased to announce that we have started work on a Xero integration.

Xero has fully embraced the cloud. They have been the best solution in the accounts software for the past couple of years. This has lead to Quickbooks and Sage trying to play catch-up, creating their own cloud-based solutions. This summer we made the switch to Xero and we haven't looked back. It's so easy to use the boss's 79-year-old dad uses it!

Because Xero has very similar principles to us, we thought it was a logical choice to create a native integration. The fact their user base is growing rapidly is also a reason! Zahara can compliment existing Xero users, and add extra functionality to an already great system.

As software has moved to being more cloud-based the software reseller industry has changed. According to Leanne Graham a key person in the history of Xero, "Cloud software and services are cheaper and easier to deploy and manage. This often more than offsets any shortcomings in features, as a server or desktop-based programs are usually more advanced." (Read More Here).

Become a Zahara Partner

Resellers or partners are having to become experts in their fields and offer a more consultative approach. This is where Zahara can benefit our partners. We are looking for partners who can offer Zahara and our expertise to their customers. This being a part of their consultative approach. Becoming a Zahara partner will benefit you & your customers. You will be creating added value to Xero and your own support services. We want to create great relationships with our partners across the globe.

If you would like to become a Zahara partner in Australia or New Zealand or if you would like to find out more infomation about Zahara get in contact with us here.


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