Take Back Control (of Your Purchasing)

Operational inefficiencies are a blight on business, yet largely avoidable with some straight-forward technical interventions.


The procurement process is one such business function that has potential for huge amounts of waste. A key question to ask yourself: Do you know who is ordering what within your organisation and for how much?

Let’s get straight to the point: Zahara makes it possible to transform procurement processes and give your organisation a serious competitive advantage on many levels. It eliminates common issues that cost money in the buying process. With Zahara, you will avoid: -

Over ordering – with insight into the peaks and troughs of expenditure.

Duplication of orders – with a system that monitors purchases and flags up where duplications are taking place.

Paying more than necessary – with a system secured by checks and approvals to avoid payment errors.

Delays in order processing – with prescribed, automated workflows.

Losing control of purchases at local site and branch level – with rigorous buying protocols in place.

Surprise increases in expenditure – when you have an up to the minute view on operational spend, with controls to avoid budget overspend.

Unauthorised expenditure – by putting controls in place to grant purchasing powers to authorised personnel only.

Using unapproved suppliers – if they are not on the system, they cannot be sent a purchase order.

Manual processes – automated workflows replace out-dated human processing, with checks in place to take control of the entire buying function.

What could this mean for your business?

  • As well as adding a considerable sum to your bottom line - a typical business can expect to save 5% of their operational expenditure, worth £’000’s in extra profits - you will also benefit from: -
  • A closer insight on operations and the financial health of the business across all divisions, locations and outlets.
  • Top level, real time reporting for CFO’s, at the office, or on the go.
  • An analysis of buying habits – habits aren’t always good for business.
  • Financial discipline that will create a less wasteful culture.
  • Reduction in waste and all the costs associated with waste.
  • Elimination of human error, by automating processes.
  • Eradication of the costly burden of hidden fees such as late payment charges.
  • Maximising savings via early payment discounts received, by speeding up your AP processes through to payment.
  • Closer management of cashflow for better financial reporting.
  • Improved productivity using an automated purchase to payment process.
  • Multiple retailers, construction companies, care providers and leisure organisations are using Zahara to gain all of these advantages.
  • Implementation isn’t a barrier either, as we can prove with our free trial to get you started.
  • So, if you’re looking to instil much needed financial discipline across purchase requisition, invoice processing and making secure, automated payments, it would make sense to have a conversation.

For a no obligation trial, or to request a demo, please email np@myzahara.net



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