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We Trust in Zahara – Confidentiality

Trust Zahara - Confidentiality Agreements

Zahara is getting bigger and better all the time, we are constantly adding more functions to Zahara. We've had some feedback from our customers, and there has been near unanimous praise for Zahara's User Interface. But, we don't want to sit on our laurels! We are always constantly refining and improving the system. However, we also want to add value to our customers. These are the most important people to us!

One idea we have come up with, is that we trust our team and our software we are willing to sign confidentiality agreements for companies outside the UK agreeing to their terms and conditions. We believe this will give potential customers ease of mind and help create better between us and our customers. We love the fact we are getting more and more customers outside the UK, makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. However, we realise that it can be hard sometimes for businesses to trust foreign companies.

Brexit has changed the UK business landscape, for good. There is a belief here, that there needs to be more trust between companies and nations. Our aim is to not be a UK-centric, everyone all over the world can benefit from our purchase order software. We have customers from California to the Netherlands, and every single one of them matters to us. However, if a company wants to create a confidentiality agreement, to help give them peace of mind.

We may be based in the Silicon Cider Valley, however, we still interact with people all over the world. Because of this, we are not just a UK business. Here at Zahara, we are a business of the world.By accepting confidentiality agreements from foreign businesses, this will help create a level of trust between us and our customers.

We Believe in Zahara. We Trust our Team. Want more details? Get in Contact with Us.


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