Who’s buying what? It’s time to take back control

Who's buying what? It's time to take back control

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Operational inefficiencies are a blight on business, yet largely avoidable with some straight-forward technical interventions.

The procurement process is one such business function that has potential for huge amounts of waste. A key question to ask yourself: Do you know who is ordering what within your organisation and for how much?

Let’s get straight to the point: Zahara makes it possible to transform procurement processes and give your organisation a serious competitive advantage on many levels. It eliminates common issues that cost money in the buying process. With Zahara, you will avoid: -

  • Over ordering – with insight into the peaks and troughs of expenditure.
  • Duplication of orders – with a system that monitors purchases and flags up where duplications are taking place.
  • Paying more than necessary – with a system secured by checks and approvals to avoid payment errors.
  • Delays in order processing – with prescribed, automated workflows.
  • Losing control of purchases at local site and branch level – with rigorous buying protocols in place.
  • Surprise increases in expenditure – when you have an up to the minute view on operational spend, with controls to avoid budget overspend.
  • Unauthorised expenditure – by putting controls in place to grant purchasing powers to authorised personnel only.
  • Using unapproved suppliers – if they are not on the system, they cannot be sent a purchase order.
  • Manual processes – automated workflows replace out-dated human processing, with checks in place to take control of the entire buying function.

What could this mean for your business?

As well as adding a considerable sum to your bottom line - a typical business can expect to save 5% of their operational expenditure, worth £’000’s in extra profits - you will also benefit from: -

  • A closer insight on operations and the financial health of the business across all divisions, locations and outlets.
  • Top level, real time reporting for CFO’s, at the office, or on the go.
  • An analysis of buying habits – habits aren’t always good for business.
  • Financial discipline that will create a less wasteful culture.
  • Reduction in waste and all the costs associated with waste.
  • Elimination of human error, by automating processes.
  • Eradication of the costly burden of hidden fees such as late payment charges.
  • Maximising savings via early payment discounts received, by speeding up your AP processes through to payment.
  • Closer management of cashflow for better financial reporting.
  • Improved productivity using an automated purchase to payment process.

Multiple retailers, construction companies, care providers and leisure organisations are using Zahara to gain all of these advantages.

Implementation isn’t a barrier either, as we can prove with our free trial to get you started.

So, if you’re looking to instil much needed financial discipline across purchase requisition, invoice processing and making secure, automated payments, it would make sense to have a conversation.

For a no obligation trial, or to request a demo, please email John Witty or book a conversation with him here.


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