Better purchase ordering and approvals with Xero

Sophisticated buying approvals with Xero & Zahara

Xero is a great accounts system. We use it ourselves and it makes light work of running a business. It's an incredibly powerful, well thought out application and it's no surprise accountants love it and recommend it as well. The buying process in any organisation requires approvals and authorisations and that's one area that Xero doesn't cover. It certainly has stages for "Draft" "Pending Approval" on a Bill but you won't find any way of emailing your colleagues a request to approve. That's where Zahara comes in. Zahara does that approval bit perfectly. Whether it's pre-spend approvals like purchase requisitions or supplier invoice approvals. The bottom line of any AP team is this one question "Can I pay this?". With Zahara, you get an audit trail from purchase request right the way through to the supplier invoice being signed off for payment. So our Integration with Xero makes both Zahara and Xero so much better. You can keep all your coding in sync as well as your vendors and then select any supplier Bills and post them directly into Xero with links between the two. With Zahara's bolt-on desktop OCR tools, you can also save on keying in and invoice matching by letting our low-cost AI solution do the heavy lifting for you. If you are a Xero user but want advanced Purchase Ordering and faster AP. Look no further. You are home! Take a trial or book in a demo so we can show you how it all works.


Release Notes – 28/1/2017


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