A team of 20 people stands together in a modern indoor setting, posing for a photo. They are dressed in a mix of business and casual attire.

Zahara team gather at the Apex Conference Centre

Zahara team gather at the Apex Conference Centre

The UK Zahara team gathered in the Apex Hotel and Conference Centre, Bath on Monday to discuss exciting developments coming up for Zahara. Founder, Martin Peirce, gave insight into our vision, goals, and values which all feed into ensuring our customers get the best experience. We were shown the slick new version 3 of Zahara from the design team who have been working hard to develop some industry-leading features.

Meeting at the Apex was particularly great for all new staff members at Zahara, 8 of which have started in the last 6 months! Our employee count reflects the growth of Zahara as a service and we are constantly bringing in new features, many of which come from ideas made possible by new staff and customer suggestions.

New starter Tom, UX Design and Technical Support, says:

“I am currently finalising the designs for the upcoming v3 coding lists - Tax code, Nominal code, and Cost code. I’m excited to continue designing and developing the new v3 of Zahara, liaising with our team out in India to make sure that we provide an excellent experience for the user.”

It was great to have the whole team together, with some staff even travelling from Brighton and South Africa to make the occasion! We can’t wait to continue to grow, work together and take our happy customers on the journey. Take a look at our current feature list and watch this space for new features! Thank you to the Apex Hotel for hosting us.


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