Why Our Invoice Processing Software is the Top Choice for Businesses

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The future of accounts payable is here- it’s time to automate your invoice processing. Statistically, finance teams who use automation tools like Zahara process their invoices 9 times faster than those who don’t, and you can too!

Imagine a month-end where your not chasing and encouraging colleagues to key or approve invoices. Where the accruals figure is there waiting for you. Well, that's Zahara. A software solution designed for the finance team, that approvers and managers like using as well.

  • AI Powered line-level data extraction and reading
  • Seamless coding
  • Flexible approval workflow rules
  • Saves time, increases accuracy, gets month-end done faster
  • Use auto-pilot for hands-free processing

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Capture and Code

Capture and Code Zahara’s in-built OCR can accurately read your invoices for you, down to the line item. Unleash the full potential of your time and resources with Zahara's seamless invoice management.

Request Invoice Approval

Once the data has been read it can be approved by the appropriate person, with different approvers depending on the scenario. Reduce delays and promote faster decision making with customisable multi-step approval workflows.

Send to Financial System

We integrate with a huge variety of accounting systems. Once your invoice is matched and approved you can automatically export the data to your finance system to be safely stored

Authorise and Pay

Finally, payments can also be approved through Zahara, making the process more secure, but with significantly less friction.

Centralise and Digitise

The days of manual keying-in invoices are in the past, but having 4 different apps to cover your accounts payable process isn’t the answer either.

You can keep it all in one place with Zahara’s 4-in-1 solution. From purchase orders, to invoice processing, to approvals, and finally payments.

Easier approvals, easier payments and no more keying in. That not only makes the payables job more enjoyable but relives tension and improves morale.

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Invoice Processing with OCR

Hands-Free Invoice Processing Data Entry

Zahara has an Invoice Inbox where all supplier invoices are received and read by our recognition engine. Suppliers are identified, invoice and line item details are read and any corresponding purchase orders will be linked and matched. Now invoices can be created on AutoPilot and sent into workflows with approval rules, or processed by finance staff with just a few clicks. Invoice PDFs are securely filed away and can be exported over to the finance system, or into online storage spaces like DropBox.

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Faster Invoice Approvals

Zahara is all about faster and easier approval workflows. As your company grows, the time needed to classify and approve purchase invoices naturally increases too. Coupled with a work from anywhere culture, older processes involving copying and emailing simply aren’t convenient any more.

With Zahara you can:

  • Invoice approvals by email, web, or mobile app
  • Use Zahara's rules and logic for automated routing
  • Route separate line items to different approvers

Green for Go, Export, and Pay

Pay outstanding bills more easily with less effort. With Zahara you can track every invoice from receipt to approval, and then export them into your finance system for payment.

  • Route separate line items to different approvers
  • Clearly see what’s approved or waiting
  • Export invoices automatically on approval
Approval list view used with invoice processing is enabled

We integrate with your Accounting Software

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Month End Made Easy

Let’s be real, month end can be a total faff. Each bill needs to be checked, keyed in, double-checked, filed, and then finally, paid. Zahara helps you make the whole ordeal a breeze by automating the manual tasks, leaving you to focus on financial decision making and monitoring. It ultimately means fewer headaches for you, and more time to spend on what you love.

What does invoice processing cover?

Invoice processing is the series of steps and activities involved in handling and managing invoices received from suppliers. It includes tasks such as invoice validation, data entry, approval workflows, and payment processing. All of these functions and task can be carried out without technology, but become considerably easier and faster with world-class software.

Why is invoice processing important for businesses?
Invoice processing is crucial for businesses because it helps ensure accurate and timely payments to suppliers, which can maintain good supplier relationships. It also helps in tracking and managing expenses, reducing errors, and improving overall financial efficiency.
What are the key challenges in invoice processing?
Common challenges in invoice processing include manual data entry errors, invoice discrepancies, delays in approval workflows, existing slow paper-based processes, and difficulties in matching invoices with purchase orders or receipts. Automation and technology are often used to address these challenges and make the tasks speedier with less friction.
Can I match invoices with purchase orders?
Yes. Out of the box, Zahara is an all-in-one purchase order system as well and we have invoice matchign against Zahara orders. However, with our range of connectivity tools and settings, we can also import purchase orders from third-party systems you may already be using. This means Zahara can be used by anyone provided there are connectivoty methods or importing methods to move data in and out of Zahara.
I can't see my finance system above. Can I still use Zahara?
We have a number of ways to export invoice data from Zahara. Can your finance system import Purchase Invoices? If you can import using CSV or Excel then that is a great starting place. We will be able to serve up the invoice data in a format you can use. The only bottle neck will be your system importing the data.
We use a Job Cost Accounting system. Can we still use Zahara?
Very similar to the question above. Can your Job Costing system import PI's. Please find out how to do it and then book in with us for a call and demo. We can then discuss connecting up and the workflow you need.
Our invoices need management approval - how is that done?
A key component of an invoice processing platform is the ability to route invoices for approval from your managers. It could be the finance team cannot pay without a stakeholder or budget holder approving first. Our AP Automaton solution, with invoice processing, will handle invoice approvals for you as well as part of multi-step invoice approval workflows
Have we done enough to convince you?
A great way to experience Zahara is for one of our specialists to show you Zahara when it's fully-loaded with real-world data. You can experience the fast processing time, easy approval workflows and see how we connect up to systems like Sage. Use the link below to book a 30 minute session. It could be the best half-hour you invest this year.
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